Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria



Gran Canaria is an island offering a whole host of routes for bike-tourism enthusiasts and anyone who loves to be in direct contact with nature. Whether you prefer mountain bike or long distance cycling, your bike will make the perfect companion to visit indescribable landscapes. 

The natural environment which the Island of Gran Canaria offers its inhabitants and visitors make it worthy of the name "miniature continent". There are endless alternatives for sport’s fans combining exercise with the pleasure of visiting leafy landscapes inland and spectacular coastal areas. The gentle climate which reigns throughout the Island all year is the perfect invitation to enjoy a wide variety of open air sports: trekking, rock climbing or bike routes are some of the best alternatives for tourists on the Island

Gran Canaria, biking paradise

It is well known that Gran Canaria is the perfect place to escape to in the winter with its 128 beaches and 24ºC average temperature all year round.

But very few people are aware of the central mountainous area,   providing mountain biking paradise. Gran Canaria is a miniature   continent with a privileged eco-system. It has 32 natural protected   areas, 8 nature reserves and around 100 native plant species. In Gran   Canaria you can witness the evolving flora – the island is as important   for scientists in terms of botany as the Galapagos Islands is for   zoology. 

Due to its morphology, the island is mountainous with abrupt and   spectacular landscapes. Both the mountain and road routes here are   characterised by the almost complete absence of plains and the constant   presence of stones due to its volcanic origin. 

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