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A world record in marine happiness

The Blue Marlin, the Needle Fish, the Atlantic Tuna, the Barracuda and the White Tuna. All of them carry on insisting that we don’t breathe a word to anyone about how well they live in the sea off Gran Canaria.

View over the Puerto de Mogán

But we can’t keep mum. We have to relate that the richness of the sea which surrounds Gran Canaria is another one of the charms that embrace the island like gift wrap. The seabed around Gran Canaria plays host to an enormous catalogue of species. A sea sweet for fishing lovers. 

And it is for this reason that the deep sea fishermen have been stopping off here for years, in the island’s marinas. Especially in the south of Gran Canaria. The southern area’s harbours offer a large number of boats, with expert crews well equipped to spend long days fishing. Days for fishing in the deep sea, where bustle and troubles are not going to get to you. A mobile? Forget mobiles, work, responsibilities. Only think sea. Fishing rod and blue skies to cheer up anybody around.

Deep-sea fishermen out at sea in Gran Canaria
Deep-sea fishermen out at sea in Gran Canaria

Because that is another of the reasons for the island’s success with fans of deep sea fishing from around Europe. In Gran Canaria, you can fish all year round. The climate is pleasant all through the year. That is perfectly true. The best time of year to fish for marlins and tunas is from May to November. Anyway, the hustle and bustle of crews leaving harbour can be seen all year round, heading out to the best fishing grounds, between the areas known as Punta de Maspalomas and a place called Punta del Descojonado, close to the Aldea de San Nicolás coastline.

In this place on the Gran Canaria coastline is where the marine happiness meters record the highest indices for this part of the world. On any day of the year. The recording of fishermen’s happiness stands no comparison, at least not until another 3 or 4 meridian later. And this is what we have to tell you about, though the Blue Marlin and the Needle Fish may not concur.

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