Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

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Fresh produce on an Island of Flavours

Gran Canaria’s surf and turf products are authentic, healthy, tasty and sustainable. Its location in the Atlantic, plus its mild climate, provides visitors with a wide variety of authentic, local and traditional products. A miniature continent of flavours to please all palates!

Gran Canaria’s local produce has its own seal, based on quality and the variety of authentic and traditional products. This all comes down to hard work and TLC from local producers whose passion and commitment reveal the best and the most intimate side of this island and its landscape.

A tasting tour of Gran Canaria is doubtlessly a different type of tourism.

For example, we can invite you to:

Taste our many award-winning goat, sheep, flower and half-flower cheeses, made the old-fashioned way.
Enjoy our natural honey thanks to the wealth of flora on the island.
Try our young denomination-of-origin wines.
Enjoy the colourful variety of our fresh fruit and vegetables.
Fall in love with the traditional recipes in our mojo sauces.
Sweeten your spirit, as well as your stomach, thanks to our almond desserts and tiny meringues.
Embrace traditions and innovation with our oils and olives.
Soak up the authentic aroma of Arabic coffee grown in the ravines.
And so much more.

The cuisine in Gran Canaria is like a massive larder, stacked high with local treasures, all available in our traditional markets, street stalls, wineries, cheese shops, bars and restaurants.

Get ready to smell, touch and taste our local products on an Island of Flavours.

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