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Travelling with friends

Travelling with friends

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In Gran Canaria the strangest phenomenon is happening. Scientists the world over have started to study a truly extraordinary occurrence. Every year the island brings in ever more optimistic people, an ever growing number.

But just why do so many happy people congregate here? Could it be the climate? It could be that the levels of optimism are rising just like the sun does every day in Gran Canaria, fine weather which seems to make problems just evaporate, and melt away for a few days. 

It might be the special layout of the island. Perhaps it is the peculiar melting pot of beaches, mountains and sea beds packed full of life. This combination draws in unexpected numbers of hyperactive sportsmen and women like a magnet. They sign up to everything from surf, diving, climbing and hiking.

Perhaps the sheer number of smiles is down to the optimistic currents that lap up onto the island’s shores. An oceanic optimism with gets people off the sofa and out onto the streets, running the length and breadth of Gran Canaria with summer musical street parties. With fireworks and Sunday traditional dancing, splashing about in mud baths, branches that wave about all on their own, almond  fiestas and night time fire eaters.

This optimism that bubbles up from the ocean is what gets people out onto the terrace bars. Perhaps it is this that gets even the shyest of us up on the dance floor, and leads to lively chat in the bars as the evening sets in.

This whole host of reasons has caused this increase in smiles that go on all through the year. Indeed. The experts assure us there are just too many smiling faces pouring into Gran Canaria. For this reason they have decided to spend a season here, for their daily, and nightly, field studies. They are not promising immediate results though. 

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