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Maipés de Agaete

Ancient Secrets of Maipés de Agaete

Right at the foot of the Pinar de Tamadaba, to the northwest of the island, lies the Maipés Archaeological Park. Set in the village of Agaete, on the road to the Valley, the  Maipés is a sacred site hidden underneath a volcanic lava plain.

Maipés de Agaete. Archaeological Park.

A cemetery with nearly 700 tombs, in huge burial mounds 8 metres in diametre 3 metres high, put together with volcanic stones.

These provide first hand memories of the first inhabitants on Gran Canaria, in some cases with burial mounds over 1,300 years old, which has left the indelible mark of ancient aboriginal society of that time.

Maipés de Agaete. Archaeological Park.
Maipés de Agaete. Archaeological Park.

The Maipés de Agaete has always been a quite exceptional heritage site for the island, and is now open to the public. It had already been declared Site of Cultural Value for its archaeological content back in 1974, and now has a visitors’ information centre with several walkways set up for visitors to walk all around.

Maipés de Agaete. Archaeological Park.

The Maipés de Agaete does not just have a high heritage value, it also has a strange beauty. It is located right at the bottom of the high cliffs over which the Pinar de Tamadaba towers, providing a gigantic stone background which rises up like a theatrical stage.

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