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Aloe Vera

The lucky, ugly plant

There was a time when few people paid attention to the Aloe Vera plant. It was not that way, however, in ancient times, as we know that both Cleopatra and the most beautiful women of ancient Rome cared for their skin using extracts from this plant.

However, there was a time when Aloe Vera was forgotten about, and the properties that it contained were suddenly of no interest. And it wasn’t helped by the fact that as it was not exactly the most striking plant within the strange variety of colourful flora of the Canaries. It did not awaken the admiration of the palm trees or of the dragon trees hidden away in the ravines.

However, it turned out that nature, which had always been kind to Gran Canaria, was also generous with the variety of Aloe that grows on the island. Because the pointed plant, which used to grow in many ways on the sunny hillsides, contained extraordinarily valuable ingredients for skin care. Ingredients that aroused the interest of French cosmetic manufacturers at the end of the 20th Century.

Nowadays it has been proven that Aloe has an endless range of beneficial properties for hydration and skin care. That is why it is used in the manufacture of hydrating creams, soaps, shampoos and even makeup. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry because of its healing and soothing powers. Quite a set of health benefits, then, that are also reused in the treatments offered by the wellness centres of Gran Canaria. Treatments that use the exceptional quality of the Aloe variety that is grown on the island, which is considered one of the best in the world because of its high purity.

This is because the climate of Gran Canaria helps the Aloe of the archipelago produce a natural gel that does not need to be treated. Neither the temperature or the pressure of the product obtained is changed, nor is it stabilized. The natural properties of the plant extract are used just as they come, and are used to enrich dozens of products in the best European perfume houses. Its properties are used in the laboratories of leading cosmetic industry companies, and for someyears now have been part of the natural treatments offered by health and wellness centres in Gran Canaria.

Nature was generous to Gran Canaria. It chose the island as the place to let a very special variety of Aloe Vera grow and grow for centuries. A thousand years on we have finally realised what a treasure we had all along. A pointed plant that makes a gift of its good fortune. One of the best "natural medicines" that you can find in the wellness centres of Gran Canaria.

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