Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

Parador de Cruz de Tejeda

The beach does not mind if you choose the mountainside

The beaches of Gran Canaria will not mind if this time you choose the mountainside. They will understand when they learn that the Parador Nacional de Cruz de Tejeda (Tejeda State Hotel) has now reopened on the island after being fully redone. The hotel is now reincorporated to one of the largest networks of tourist establishments in the country, Paradores, which gathers nearly 100 hotels throughout Spain, always within environments of high cultural and natural value.

Girl looking over the landscape of the hinterlands of Gran Canaria
Mother and son at the Parador Nacional de Tejeda
A girl writing with the Cruz de Tejeda as a backdrop

And it is precisely its natural surroundings what gives the Parador de Tejeda (Tejeda State Hotel) an exceptional value. Located on what is known as the “Tejeda Cross”, the small establishment has one of the best views in all Gran Canaria, an obligatory stop for trekkers venturing into the colossal relief of the island’s mountain area.

Interior of the drawing room/dining room in the Parador Nacional de Tejeda
Interior of one of the rooms in the Parador Nacional de Tejeda

For Gran Canaria also has mountains, high enough for noise not to be able to reach them. And trails where to spend a full day walking through pine tree forests. Plus winding roads that run across towns so small that they last only the blink of an eye. Places to where no one wishes to take their watch along.

Mother and son smiling for the camera at the lookout point at the Parador Nacional de Tejeda

None of the more than one hundred beaches on the island will mind if you choose the mountainside. If your idea is to rest in one of the 42 rooms of the new State Hotel, which add to the long list of rural lodging options throughout the island. An island where there is no need to flip a coin to choose. Everything is together, as if all of a sudden a miniature continent had sprung right from the middle of the sea. 

Rest in a natural spot, in the new Parador Nacional de Cruz de Tejeda (Tejeda State Hotel), or in any of the many other rural establishments in Gran Canaria that cater to the needs of those who decide to leave rush behind.

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