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Hotel Rural Las Longueras - Lourdes Perez

Hotel Rural Las Longueras: luxury is in nature

Far from the hustle and bustle of city life, there is a place where time seems to stand still and the connection with nature takes on a whole new dimension. This place is Hotel Rural Las Longueras.

Hotel Rural Las Longueras

The hotel’s privileged location, in the Agaete Valley and a few kilometres from the sea, offers a unique duality that invites guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature in all its splendour.

Originally, Las Longueras served as the summer residence of the Manrique de Lara family, providing a cosy and warm refuge during the autumn and winter months. However, in the year 2000, the family took the decision to transform their beloved house into a charming rural hotel.

With a delicate reconversion, the hotel managed to harmonise the cosy atmosphere of an old house with the comforts and service of a conventional hotel. "We want our guests to feel that they are experiencing something unique, as if they were staying at the home of old friends, but with all the mod-cons they expect from a first-class establishment", says Lourdes Pérez, the hotel's managing director.

Thus, a stroll through the corridors is like a journey through time as the family passionately retells the countless stories hidden within its walls. Antique objects, such as a post office counter dating from 1863, adorn the common areas, reminding travellers that every corner of this dwelling has borne witness to countless experiences over the years.

Hotel Rural Las Longueras
Hotel Rural Las Longueras

A legacy of sustainable connections

The beauty and tranquillity of the surroundings are the main attraction of Las Longueras. With just 14 rooms, the hotel ensures that there are never more than 25 or 30 people staying at any one time, creating a cosy and family atmosphere that makes a real difference in the guests’ experience. Thus, those looking to get away from the traditional sun and beach areas will find a unique combination in this quiet spot: a natural inland rural retreat just a stone’s throw from the coast.

"The type of tourist who comes to stay here is definitely special". With a deep respect for nature and the local community, these visitors have adopted environmental awareness as part of their lifestyle. "It's a type of tourist that is very respectful of the environment and of the culture, everything really". Connection with nature and empathy for the people and their culture are hallmarks of those who choose this place for their holidays.

The opportunity to get around without depending on a car is also an attraction. The Town Hall has connected up the whole area by means of a footpath linking the upper part of the Agaete Valley with the Puerto de las Nieves. This gives visitors the opportunity to explore the surrounding area on foot or by bicycle, enjoying the local gastronomy and immersing themselves in the local culture without the need for a car.

Without a doubt, the connection between the accommodation and its guests is not limited to the time they spend within its walls. It is a relationship that transcends and is projected in every step they take outside the establishment. The philosophy of respect and sustainability that is fostered here has become a kind of legacy, inspiring those who have had the privilege to experience it.

After their stay is over, the legacy of satisfied guests is a priceless jewel for Las Longueras. Positive feedback and recommendations continue to attract new visitors, who are drawn to the authenticity and hospitality of the hotel. This legacy has become a driver of growth and success, reinforcing its position as a dream destination in Gran Canaria.

Hotel Rural Las Longueras

Las Longueras and its ecological commitment

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability, Las Longueras has decided to make a difference through a series of measures committed to the environment. Here, luxury is combined with responsibility, and every decision is made with the aim of preserving the surroundings and reducing its environmental impact.

The moment guests set foot in this welcoming place, they can sense the effort that has gone in to making tourism a more sustainable and awareness-focused activity.

Las Longueras is blessed with its own water resources. A well supplies the estate, allowing the gardens to be watered and the swimming pool to be filled without being totally dependent on mains water.

In the past, by placing notices in the rooms, it was suggested to the users that towels should be changed every few days. However, after the removal of these posters, an interesting change in the behaviour of users has been observed, as they now tend to use their towels for longer periods. This measure not only contributes to reducing water and energy consumption, but also promotes environmental awareness among visitors.

Commitment to recycling has also been a priority for the hotel. Thanks to the support of the local Town Hall recycling bins have been set up in the accommodation, making it easier for both guests and staff to separate waste properly.

Another step forward in its quest for sustainability has been the adoption of more environmentally friendly products. The hotel is replacing the plastic single-dose products in the bathrooms with dispensers that will help to reduce plastic, which is so prevalent in our daily lives.

But the changes don’t end there. The hotel plans to become a model of energy efficiency by installing photovoltaic panels to generate its electricity. This will drastically reduce its carbon footprint, contributing to the fight against climate change.

The hosts are convinced that as new green solutions emerge on the market, they will be ready to adopt them, maintaining their commitment to nature and sharing their vision with every guest who sets foot in the hotel.

Hotel Rural Las Longueras

The circular economy in action

At Las Longueras, the relationship between tourism and the local economy is interwoven with strong and long-lasting threads. Every cup of coffee and every sip of wine tells a story of collaboration and respect for the land that gives them life.

The hotel prides itself on remaining in the destination and contributing to the local economy. The tourism it attracts creates employment opportunities and promotes the economic development of the community, creating a beneficial effect that spreads throughout the Agaete Valley.

The team is made up of 10 people who work in the hotel and on the estate, joining forces to make the most of the available resources and to maintain a harmonious relationship between the two activities.

The team has a unique feature, as nearly all the workers at Las Longueras are made up of residents of Agaete and Gáldar, with just a couple of exceptions who also have close links to the site. This choice has a positive impact on environmental sustainability, as it significantly reduces employees' daily commute to their place of work, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

The decision to prioritise the hiring of local staff in turn creates a symbiotic relationship between the accommodation and the community. Agaete residents benefit from nearby employment and the opportunity for professional growth in their own town, while the hotel benefits from the knowledge and passion of its local team.

The choice of suppliers has also become a crucial aspect of their sustainable and responsible vision, and the main criteria guiding their selection are geographical proximity and the promotion of the local economy. Aware of the environmental impact of long-distance transport, they have chosen to prioritise local suppliers. This decision not only contributes to reducing their carbon footprint, but also promotes support for local businesses and strengthens ties with the community.

The hotel recognises that the economic well-being of the region is fundamental to keeping the beauty of the environment alive and ensuring the sustainability of the destination. "We try to collaborate on an equal footing for mutual benefit". In Agaete, there are many local producers with whom they have established close and fruitful relationships. A prime example is the healthy relationship they have with the nearby coffee and wine estates.

Hotel Rural Las Longueras

Discovering true "luxury"

What message does the hotel like to send out? "We really make a huge effort to maintain the destination, the environment and, above all, the accommodation". Despite the challenges they face with limited resources and no outside help, their determination does not waver. Every day provides an opportunity to improve and better themselves, aware as they are of how vital this commitment is.

"We can't function without each other". The symbiosis between hosts, local producers and guests is the driving force behind each working day. They are inspired by the spirit of unity that drives them to pursue this project with genuine motivation and joy. The true richness they find in this idyllic location does not lie in ostentatious luxury, but in the tranquillity of nature and the genuine togetherness they foster with each guest who steps over the hotel’s threshold.

Hotel Rural Las Longueras

And so, in a place where success is found in simplicity, the hosts continue to weave stories and create unforgettable moments for those who are bold enough to discover them. One message resonates strongly: true luxury is found in harmony with nature and in the spirit of community, all of which strengthen this hidden gem every day.

The Hotel Rural Las Longueras demonstrates that sustainable tourism is not just about ecological infrastructure, it is also about forging a meaningful connection with each individual who walks through its doors. Each guest becomes an ambassador for environmental respect, and their influence is multiplied when they share their experience with others.

This is the essential message conveyed in the transformational change that spreads throughout tourism based on awareness: a seed that germinates in the hearts of all those who have been touched by it, and which flourishes in a more sustainable future for everyone.

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