Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria
Perfect for fun

Perfect for fun

You are obliged to be happy, dear reader. Yes indeed, you are. We believe this is the reason why Gran Canaria brings in a steady flow of optimists, travelers who are keen to come and be happy for a while. Holidays are best remembered when you have no other goal than this. That’s why they were invented!

Group of friends, and laughter, in Maspalomas

Groups of friends ready for fun, couples keen to get away from the hustle and bustle, they all know Gran Canaria is the Main Line Station for fun-packed holidays. An island that draws a sea of fine weather like a magnet, all year round.

In Gran Canaria you will find an island with a hundred beaches, a thousand different landscapes, ten thousand sunny days, and unlimited access to any sport you can think of, then think of again (surfing, hiking, diving, biking, kitesurfing….). Add to this a wide range of accommodation of all kinds, coupled with a fine range of shopping and leisure facilities. Then top this off with a night life which is bound to liven up even the doziest of visitors.

The World Optimists Federation rates us very highly, and recommend you take the time and space to be happy for a while, a long while.