Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

Four friends, seven golf courses

Four friends. Seven golf courses

" It’s been quite a while now since we became friends. Surely longer than I would care to admit. It was while I was at my first job. In those days, I was the only one in our group of four who played golf. That doesn’t matter now. It was a long time ago. Each one of us leads a different life now. Different obligations, different jobs. Nevertheless, we do maintain something in common.

A player putting on the green
Three players waking towards the green on a golf course in Gran Canaria

The four of us are always looking to take time out to take a swing at the ball. We struggle to find a gap in our agendas to pick up our clubs and play, but we still enjoy playing together, spending some time with each other, and sharing a few laughs. Besides, I also enjoy beating them (we haven’t changed in that aspect, and will continue with our ridiculous competition a thousand years from now).

We see little of each other, so we do not waste time experimenting. We have plotted to set aside a few days in the wintertime for ourselves. For our golf getaway, something we will never give up. And we travel to Gran Canaria, an island with fine weather practically all year round.

A golfer pitching for the green

Why there? It is our little tradition. An island. Seven golf courses. As easy as that.

So that we don’t have to fly half way around the world or spend two days at the airport we travel to Gran Canaria, because it is a proper golf destination, the sun shines there, there are good hotels and fine restaurants on the island, and we can find quite different golf courses within a very short distance. Different for their surroundings and for their degree of difficulty. And so there is no excuse for the one who loses the match. Seven courses to choose from at the time of competing against an old friend, who masters the wooden club like the very Nick Faldo himself.

An excursionist looking out over the island from the peaks of Gran Canaria

Yes. A long time has passed. We were much younger then. But it doesn’t matter now. I have been able to beat them for years on end (and even when they hate being reminded of it, that has also become part of our little tradition...) "

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