Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

Espacio Natural



Type of Natural Resource: Sitios de Interés Ciéntifico

Location: Telde


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Two protected endemic plant species that are in serious danger of extinction are found here, such as the convolvulus or morning glory (Convolvulus caput-medusae) and the Canary distaff thistle (Atractylis preauxiana). Worthy of note are the good examples of halophile (salt water) and sabiculous (sand) habitats in this area. The fossil remains of dune deposits and the abundance of invertebrate fauna should be added to the intrinsic scientific of this area. The areas of Tufia and Aguadulce are of considerable archaeological significance as they include pre-Hispanic dwellings. However, these have been destroyed in part by land cultivation and the construction of illegal structures.
Surface area: 54.1 hectares.

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Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Natural

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