Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

Maspalomas Carnival

Carnival has only one thing in mind: the Maspalomas sun

We do not know who introduced them. We are not sure whose idea it was. But it was clear Carnival festivities and the fine weather in southern Gran Canaria were meant for each other.

Carnival girl in fancy dress dances in the carnival passacaglia

Sceptics will wonder: But is it Gran Canaria the only place where Carnival is celebrated right on the beach? Of course not! But it is somewhat hard to find a spot where the craziest festivity in the calendar and the fine weather get along so well.

Undoubtedly, southern Gran Canaria must be among the spots with the best weather in all of Europe. As if  made to measure. As if someone would have decided to include on the map a small fine weather republic. A cold-free region where to travel any time of the year.

A group of youngsters having fun around the bars on Maspalomas beach

To top it off, it so happens that in March, when you have decided that you’ve had your share of cold, suddenly you notice that Carnival has followed you to the beach. You get the idea right from the first day on holidays, when you bump into a 6.5 ft drag queen hailing a cab, carnival music at the bottom of a swimming pool, two bathers wearing Avatar outfits at the beach bar, and a myriad more of these images with no explanation outside the extravagant and extraordinary carnival season. A carnivalesque March full of fine weather.

A clown with a long wig drinks icy drink

The day Carnival met Maspalomas it did not think twice. There it would stay. It saw the long field of dunes by the ocean. The sea reaching everywhere. Music zigzagging along the streets of Playa del Inglés

This was a long time ago, for Carnival in Maspalomas is already ancient. Old enough for many community members to boast of carnival memories. And which is the couple’s secret? How do Carnival and the Grancanarian beaches get along so well after so many years?

The Dunes and beach at Maspalomas

The secret is no other than a current that crosses the island almost imperceptibly. It is the spirit of live and let live, which impregnates it all. The reason why Carnival swore to Maspalomas that every March will be better than the previous one. You must come and see it!

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