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Museo Etnográfico Casas Cuevas de ArtenaraMuseo Etnográfico Casas Cuevas de Artenara

Museo Etnográfico Casas Cuevas de Artenara

Telephone: 0034 928 666 102
Address: Párroco Domingo Báez
Post Code: 35350
Place: Artenara
Museo Etnográfico Casas Cuevas de ArtenaraMuseo Etnográfico Casas Cuevas de Artenara

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The Casas Cuevas Ethnographic Museum of Artenara

The Ethnographic Museum is set in an old house, which was probably lived in around the pre-Hispanic period. The cave was acquired in 1962 by Don Santiago Aranda, who restored it in keeping with typical traditional village style. Following its acquisition by the Town Hall of Artenara, it was turned into a domestic ethnographic museum.

Its interior is equipped with typical furnishings. In its bedchambers there are iron beds, with locally crafted mattress blankets and rags, cedar and tea wood drawers, chairs and stools made from basic designs, as well as other ethnographic items that were typical of the rustic buildings of the area. Artenara?s most representative trades are displayed here.

A quite unique space was created to remind us of the beauty of a simple life, it aims to evoke and take us back to pleasant times; but which also reminds us that it is possible to live without so many material possessions, which are often suplerfluous.

We invite you to come along to this ?Casas Cuevas? Museum of Artenara, at the beautiful summit of Gran Canaria.

Open every day of the year from 11:30h to 16:30h, with free entry.

Once your visit is over, Artenara invites you to put your feet up in the courtyard of the Museum, and simply enjoy the silence and the birds singing, plus the stunning views over Barranco Grande and enjoy the little memories the caves have evoked in you.

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