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Recipes from an Islandmix. Chef Angel Palacios. Gran Canaria.

King prawns in black and white garlic sauce, by chef Angel Palacios

Serves 4 people approx.
Allergens: Crustaceans, Sulphur dioxide and sulphides

To peel the king prawns:
24 pieces of king prawns “Langostino Real”

- Pull the head off the king prawn.
- Peel the hard skin from the body.
- Open up in the shape of a butterfly and take out the intestines. Put to one side.

For the king prawn extract:
- Sauté the heads with some olive oil and salt.
- Squash the heads to draw out the extract, strain and freeze.

King prawns in black and white garlic sauce

Ingredients for the white garlic sauce

250gr of dry peeled garlic 
250gr of olive oil 0.4º
175gr cream
12gr of oil to glaze garlic

Blanch the garlic pieces three times, 1 minute each time, in boiling water.
Glaze in oil at 80º C for 30 minutes.
Strain, then cook the garlic in cream for 10 minutes on a mid heat. Now chop up the garlic pieces.
Emulsify a little with the garlic glazing oil.
Strain and add salt, leave to cool, separate in rations and freeze.

Ingredients for the fish and onion broth

30gr olive oil
750gr fish bones
2gr salt 
250gr white onions cut into rings
1 litre of water

Cut the fish bones into tiny pieces and fry them in olive oil.
Fry the sliced onions until they are well done.
Place the fish into a pressure cooker with the onion.
Add the water and boil for 30 minutes.
Leave to cool.
Open the pressure cooker.
Cool quickly and store.

Ingredients for the black garlic sauce

250gr fish broth
25gr black garlic

Chop up the black garlic and put into the broth.
Strain and texturise until the right thickness is achieved, and put to one side.

King prawns in black and white garlic sauce
Chef Angel Palacios

Final ingredients

Peeled king prawns
Black garlic sauce
White garlic sauce
King prawn extract
Coriander shoots
Salicornia (seeweed)
Red onion shoots
Maldon salt
Crushed pepper


Pour a little oil and salt onto the king prawns in a saucepan.
Heat up the white garlic puré.
Add a few drops of the black and white garlic.
Use a spoon to spread the extract sauce all round.
Place the king prawns on the plate, decorate with salicornia, red onion shoots and coriander shoots.

Download recipe [PDF - 369 KB]


Angel Palacios explains how his recipe came about:

"I wanted to use king prawns as the feature of this dish, which are being bred at the Gran Canarian municipality of Ingenio. For this dish I was inspired to create my own version of king prawns in garlic sauce, reinterpretting a traditional recipe and fusing it with other ingredients, by adding fermented black garlic."

Ángel Palacios’ cuisine offers a culinary journey, harking back to traditional recipes, while searching out new products, using local Canary ingredients and new techniques, to hit on the mental palate of the diner. His brand Traddiction looks to play around with the senses, providing his food with a whole new experience.

Who is Angel Palacios?

This chef from Barcelona trained at the JOVIAT catering school. He started out working in the kitchens of the Huntsham Court Hotel in Devon, in the United Kingdom, then at the Hotel Landa in Burgos and at the Anfora in Barcelona. He then moved on to Martín Berasategui’s premises in San Sebastián, where he became line cook. He then joined the legendary El Bulli local, in Rosas, where he finished off his training, as line cook for cold dishes..

He was then managing chef and pastry expert when he joined La Broche de Sergi Arola, in Madrid. He returned to El Bulli, specializing in the dessert menu at this Catalonian temple under Albert Adriá, and while there received the prize for top desserts awarded by Goumetour.

In 2003 he became executive chef at La Broche in Miami, and was once again awarded the prize of America’s Best New Chef 2003, along with other prizes. His collaboration with Arola continued at the Hotel Arts de Barcelona as kitchen supervisor, and at the Arola Madrid as executive chef. During this period he worked alongside José Ramón Andrés in the TV show “Vamos a cocinar”, (Let’s cook).

When Arola left La Broche de Madrid, Ángel took over at the restaurant and achieved a Michelin star. He represented Spain in the Bocusse d’Or in Europe and around the world, amon other recognitions. In 2011 he left La Broche to join the Basque Culinary Centre as a professor for the Master’s Degree called Technical Cuisine and Product, and as supervising chef of R+D.

The Canary hotel chain The Warm Side managed to get Angel in their team in 2013 as gastronomic and food and drink quality advisor. In 2015 Angel Palacios, together with his brother Oscar and friend Edu William, opened new restaurants The Brasserie and La Barra By Traddiction, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Our 10th 'dish-enhancing' secret ingredient:

White king prawn,Litopenaeus Vannamei, is cultivated today under totally ecological conditions, in a sustainable fashion and with no added chemicals, in the municipality of Ingenio, to the southeast of Gran Canaria. Production is done without meddling in its breeding process, and with no emissions into the sea, thus protecting autoctonous species along the coastline. Gran Canaria’s climate lends itself perfectly to the breeding of such an exceptionally textured product.

The making of 'Islandmix' also features the collaboration of Gran Canarian potter Gustavo García Cruz.
You can learn all about his work on this fanpage plus his INusuall brand and his comtemporary pottery pieces.

Further information about local craftsmen and women can be found on the FEDAC official website.

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