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Recipes from an Islandmix. Chef Davidoff Lugo. Gran Canaria.

This is how 'Tartar with red tuna, mango and avocado from Mogán', by Chef Davidoff Lugo, is made

a) Ingredients (for four persons)

400 gr avocado (avocado from Mogán)
400 gr red tuna (from the coast of Mogán)
400 gr mango (from local orchards in Mogán)
100 gr tender shoots 
1 Venezuelan sweet bell pepper  
50 ml sesame oil  
25 ml soya 
25 ml mirin (Japanese rice wine) 
25 ml yuzu juice (a Japanese citric fruit)
4 leaves of shiso (a Japanese culinary herb) 
2 gr 7 Japanese spices 
25 mango vinegar
05 gr lemon salt 


Step 1

In a bowl, mix the sesame oil, soya sauce, mirin sauce and the yuzu juice. Add the tuna cut into small chunks and let it marinate for 30 minutes. 

Step 2
Cut the mango and avocado into small chunks. 
Add some mango vinegar and the finely chopped bell pepper to the cut up mango. 
Then the Japanese spices and a little lime juice is added to the avocado.

Red tuna Tartar, mango and avocado


Take a dish and form layers in the following order: Tuna, mango and avocado.

To decorate and round off the dish just add the shiso leaves and the tender shoots. Pour some tuna marinade on top, plus a little lemon salt and lime peel.

Download recipe [PDF - 355 KB]


Davidoff Lugo explains to us how his recipe came about:

"My culinary style was set by my mentor, the person who instilled in me a curiosity for the delights of Japanese gastronomy. I love the true flavours of traditional Canary cuisine, and the aromatic and colourful Venezuelan cuisine. My right hand man currently at my Gastrobar in the south of Gran Canaria is from Venezuela and a disciple of the great Martín Berasategui. 

Hence my recipe is really a fusion of these three types of cuisine, tuna, Japanese sauces and spices, mangos and avocado commonly used in both in Canary and Venezuelan cuisine. It is a dish that mingles the citric flavours of mango from Mogán, yuzu, lemon and lime, with sweet flavours of aji, shiso leaves and avocados from Mogán, and also savoury flavours from the soya sauces and Japanese spices."

Chef Davidoff Lugo
Red tuna Tartar, mango and avocado

Who is Davidoff Lugo?

Davidoff Lugo is a chef from Gran Canaria, and head chef at the Casa Romántica Restaurant, located in the Agaete Valley, an idyllic setting comprising vineyards and coffee plantations.

In this family project, together with the winemaker and coffee grower Víctor Jorge Lugo, the main promoter of the project, and with his brother Kibsain, master pastry chef, Davidoff transfers all his culinary expertise to this new experience of local product cuisine, after time spent at the Maroa Club de Mar, located in the tourist resort of Anfi del Mar, in the south of the island.

Chef Lugo is also the owner of the GastroBar I love food GastroCanarias, an establishment where he reinvents creative tapas, giving priority to a range of influences and flavours.

Ever present in his style of 'Canarian fusion cuisine', are olive oil, salt, sugar, soya and pepper. The chef's work seeks to get Gran Canaria’s cuisine out there and to grow through the reinvention and enhancement of local products. A connoisseur of the traditional recipes of the islands, Davidoff Lugo defends product quality as the basis for making successful dishes.

Our 5th ‘Dish-enhancing’ secret ingredient

The Avocado from Mogán is one of the top quality products grown on the fertile lands around this municipality. It has a special flavour, thanks to the huge amount of sun hours that the estates get down in the valley at the southernmost tip of the island.

The quality of this product is such that the Town Hall of Mogán organizes an agricultural fair, to promote the production of the exceptional avocados and mangos grown in the region.

The making of 'Islandmix' also features the collaboration of Gran Canarian potter Gustavo García Cruz.
You can learn all about his work on this fanpage plus his INusuall brand and his comtemporary pottery pieces.

Further information about local craftsmen and women can be found on the FEDAC official website.