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This is how the recipe by chef Juan Bertolín for 'Pelibuey lamb loin with herb and pebble pintadera design with Canary potato chile' is made

(for 4 diners)

Lamb loin and herb crust

2 pelibuey lamb loins
salt and pepper
100 gr Panko breadcrumbs
50 gr almonds from Tejeda
3 bunches of fresh herbs

Pelibuey lamb loin with herb and pebble pintadera design with Canary potato chile

Herb ‘Pintadera’
1 handful of peppermint
1 handful of basil
1 bunch of coriander
Virgin olive oil from Telde
Agar agar

Pebbles and icing
0,5 kg “partridge eye” potatoes
1 handful of coriander
1 handful of peppermint
1 green chile
1 cm ginger
1 lime
6 gr de gellan gum
500 gr sheep’s milk
salt and pepper
3 units of  cardamom
10 gr agar agar

Lamb sauce
Lamb bones
White wine


Lamb fillet
Debone the loins, season and brown off in the pan on all sides. Shrink-wrap contents. Cook in the oven with a temperature measuring device, at 50º. Refresh with water and ice.
Herb Costra: finely chop up the panko breadcrumbs, herbs, salt and pepper. Cover the lamb loin with mustard and pass it through/sprinkle on  the herb costra. Oven cook at 200º for 4 minutes.

Pelibuey lamb loin with herb and pebble pintadera design with Canary potato chile
Chef Juan Bertolín

Herb ‘Pintadera’
Blanch the herbs. Cool them down with ice, chop them up, sieve them and add in the agar agar. Heat it up at 70º and set in spiral pintadera molds.

Make a potato purée and chop it up with the rest of the ingredients. Sieve and place into molds moldes. Allow to cool and remove from the mold. Filter in the milk with the spices. Sieve, add the agar and bathe the pebbles.

Lamb sauce

Roast the lamb bones and vegetables in the oven. Leave them to cook for 5 hours. Sieve and drain.


Place the ‘pintadera’ spiral in the centre of the dish. Place the lamb loin and chops on top. Add blobs of mustard, the pebbles and finally the leaves and flowers.

Download recipe [PDF - 379 KB]

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Who is Juan Bertolín?

Chef Juan Bertolín is Head Cook at the 360º Restaurant at the Hotel Bohemia Suites & Spa, an establishment located at Playa del Inglés.

Juan was born in Teruel, and graduated from the High School of Catering of Aragón, while his professional career spans some 24 years where he has built up experience at many different restaurants around Spain.

He recently earned 2nd place at the Best Cook of the Canaries competition at the Full Regional Cook Championship of the Canaries – Gastro-Canarias 2017.

Juan Bertolín’s cooking concept is a well travelled cuisine, featuring many different influences which are all very apparent in the chef’s great creations. He works with a wide range of aromas, textures and colours, so that his diners can enjoy a truly memorable culinary experience, in every sense. His passion for learning about other cultures shines through in the sheer depthh and originality of his cooking style, a style that is nourished by his passion for travelling and devouring all kinds of gastronomic books and publications.

Our 23rd 'dish-enhancing' secret ingredient

Pelibuey Lamb

The bald sheep, known as the pelibuey sheep, is an indigenous breed from the Canary Islands. It has no wool, is large in size and adapts well to the heat. It provides a very low-fat meat, as opposed to fatter woolly sheep. Its low fat levels make it an excellent source of proteins thanks to its low levels of cholesterol.

It is commonly presented in roast shoulder of lamb, in chops, lamb stews even in meat pasties.

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