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Recipes from an Islandmix. Chef Juan Santiago. Gran Canaria.

Deboned goat’s ribs and shoulder, served with white and yellow sweet potato purée, a recipe by Juan Santiago

To serve 4 people

1 shoulder of goat
1 rack of goat’s ribs
250 grams of yellow sweet potato
250 grams white sweet potato
200 ml. red wine from 'Bodega los Berrazales'
50 grams Enoki mushrooms
40 grams truffle pearls
1 chive
4 loaves of black bread
Shoots and flowers for accompaniment
100 ml. extra virgin olive oil from Temisas
Salt and peppar

Deboned goat’s ribs and shoulder, served with white and yellow sweet potato purée

Rack of ribs
Steam the rack with all the ribs for 4 hours.
Straight after this, remove the bones from the ribs, which will pull off easily, and pat these aside for decoration. Wrap the rest of the rack and skirt in film in a cylindrical form and store in a cool place. Once cold, cut up into fillets and stick the bones into them as decoration.

Steam the whole shoulder for 4 hours. Straight after this, and while still hot, strip off all the meat and place in a mould with weight on top and leave to cool. Once cool, cut off in ingot shapes.

Sweet potato purées
Roast the sweet potatoes at 180 degrees for 30 minutes until soft. Take off the skin and mash in with Temisas extra virgin olive oil, until the right texture is achieved. Add seasoning and put aside for dish decoration.

Deboned goat’s ribs and shoulder, served with white and yellow sweet potato purée
Chef Juan Santiago

Los Berrazales red wine sauce
Deglaze all the juice from the trays the goat was cooked on with red wine from the Bodega Los Berrazales and simmer in a pot until it becomes a sauce texture.

Dish decoration
Pour the red wine sauce all over the rack of ribs, and put the crushed Tejeda almonds on top. Also cover the ingot with the sauce, and then put the chive over one half of the ingot. Cut up a fine slice of spicy bread roll and put the sweet potato purée inside and on the edge of the slice a small quenelle and the white sweet potato purée.
Decorate the dish with some roast chive petals, some black truffle pearls and a small handful of Enoki mushrooms.

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"When it comes to cooking, I am inspired by the excellent products we have at our disposal on our island. We Gran Canarian cooks are very lucky indeed because we have a wide variety of products to choose from, including fish, tropical fruits, cheeses and meats, all of them excellent quality. One of my dreams I would like to have come true would be to have my own restaurant where I could really go to town with all the knowledge I have picked up over the years."

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Who is chef Juan Santiago?

A finalist at the S. Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 competition, and with experience in various destinations, Juan Santiago recalls his professional career to date:

"I don't hail from a family of restaurateurs, but I decided to get involved in cooking because I really enjoy good food. I began my training in the advanced catering course at the School of San Cristóbal, in Gran Canaria. At that time I still didn't know if I would become a professional chef, but after just a few months of studying, I was hooked on cuisine forever.

I started right at the bottom. While I was studying, I was a waiter at the Hotel Madrid, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in Plaza Cairasco. In my second year I started working in the kitchens of the restaurants around the seaside neighbourhood of San Cristóbal in the capital. I studied in the mornings and from noon until the end of the evening shift I picked up experience in the restaurant”.

He later took a job in Tenerife at gastronomic restaurant Las Aguas in the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque. “At that time, their head chef was Salvador Gallego (1 Michelin star in his restaurant in Madrid), a master from whom I learned a lot.

In order to learn English I travelled to Scotland, where I continued my professional development with a two-year stay, starting in a vegetarian-vegan restaurant. After this experience I got a job in the only catering company in the country licensed to serve the British Royal Household. It was one of my best experiences, as I had the pleasure of cooking for Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond, and for the Duke of Edinburgh, among other leading figures.

After that stage, I returned to Gran Canaria as head chef at the Hotel Roca Negra in Agaete, and as a teacher and pedagogical coordinator at the Hotel Escuela Santa Brígida. In 2015 I took over as regional corporate chef for German company Rational”.

After his time spent as a gastronomic consultant at Rational, Juan Santiago decided to start his own project. In September 2019 he opened Restaurante Hestia, near Las Canteras beach, in the capital of Gran Canaria, where he pours all his extensive culinary know-how into his dishes.

Our 27th 'dish-enhancing' secret ingredient

Temisas Olive Oil

For years now, the southeast region of Gran Canaria has been promoting activities to re-establish olive production, and thus bring back a farming tradition that goes back many generations.
The region is strongly backing olive oil for future prosperity. Its production has been rising steadily and has led to a growing number of brands selling extra virgin olive oil. This locally produced oil maintains a smooth flavour as well as a slightly bitter ‘home-grown’ version. It is a truly unique characteristic of the variety grown here in Gran Canaria.
As part of all this production, Temisas Olive Oil grows in relevance as a high quality ingredient, and is recommended by top cooks.