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Gran Canaria

Recipes from an Islandmix. Chef Thomas Leeb. Gran Canaria.

This is how 'Roast black suckling pig with orange, soya and Gáldar onion' is made, by chef Thomas Leeb

a) Ingredients (for 4 diners)

1 suckling pig, not too large
2 kg local oranges 
1 dl liquid soya 
4 white onions from Gáldar
3 cloves
70 gr brown sugar
Ground black pepper 
Maldon salt

b) Other ingredients
100 gr sweet potato yolk purée
20 gr roast pepper purée
20 gr alioli sauce with Tejeda almonds
50 gr crushed green pistacho nuts
10 gr Canary olive oil caviar
10 gr crunchy bread cubes


Cut up the suckling pig into six pieces. Season with salt, vacuum lock and cook in a pre-heated oven for 16 hours at 69 degrees.

Debone and press flat, then cover carefully with the skin of the suckling. Let this settle for 12 hours. Prepare the sauce, adding pieces of suckling to it. Boil and simmer down for 20 minutes, then strain and store.

The flat suckling is cut into squares which are toasted in a pan on both sides. It is then all served up together with the rest of the ingredients.

The sweet potato purée is served in a separate bowl with the sauce.

Download recipe [PDF - 354 KB]

Roast black suckling pig with orange, soya and Gáldar onion


Thomas Leeb explains his recipe to us:

"I created this dish using a spectacular and greasy ingredient, none other than our very own roast suckling pig. 

I love to roast it, softening it with locally sourced bitter oranges, and with sweet potato, which provides the sweetness of course. The soya and clove, a commonly used spice in my homeland of Austria, add a touch of the far east. As well as small pieces of garnish which help to subtly accompany the star of this dish, none other the our own black suckling pig.

Enjoy your meal!"

Roast black suckling pig with orange, soya and Gáldar onion
Roast black suckling pig with orange, soya and Gáldar onion

Who is Thomas Leeb?

Thomas Leeb is a chef of Austrian descent who has been living on the island for many years.

A member of a family with a strong tradition in the hotel and catering business, the chef came to Gran Canaria following many years of training and professional experience in different Spanish cities. He opened the restaurant Thomas Algo? in the island’s capital city, a successful experience prior to taking the reins of the menu at the emblematic Hotel Santa Catalina, a landmark hotel, a historic hotel establishment on the island, next to the Marina of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

At the end of 2017 Thomas became Executive Chef of the M&M Group, a company that owns important restaurants here in our holiday destination.

Thomas is an expert mixer of the traditional recipes of the archipelago with Central European flavours and nouvelle cuisine formulas. He serves up a unique and creative combination with which he has achieved recognition, including the 1st Sun of the Repsol Guide 2014, and the 2nd Sun 2015, among other awards.

The chef is currently engaged in a new entrepreneurial project called Thomas Leeb Catering, where he offers hotel and catering consultancy, cookery classes, film catering services and haute cuisine home delivery services, among others.

Our 6th ‘Dish-enhancing’ secret ingredient

The black suckling pig from Gran Canaria is a specially protected breed, included in the official catalogue of Spanish cattle breeds. It is very highly regarded in kitchens all around the island.

If you are interested in livestock, we recommend you visit Granja del Tío Isidro, in the town of Jinámar. It is a traditional estate dedicated to the agriculture and livestock industry, and is readily open to visitors. It boasts indigenous cattle breeds, such as local cows, the peli-buey sheep, and the black Canary suckling pig.

The making of 'Islandmix' also features the collaboration of Gran Canarian potter Gustavo García Cruz.
You can learn all about his work on this fanpage plus his INusuall brand and his comtemporary pottery pieces.

Further information about local craftsmen and women can be found on the FEDAC official website.