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Recipes from an Islandmix. Kibsain Lugo. Gran Canaria.

This how "Coffee, gofio, chocolate and citric fruits" is made, a dessert gifted to us by Kibsain Lugo


Gofio Mousse
Gofio cornmeal: 100 gr
Sugar: 175 gr
Soft-whipped cream: 400 ml
Egg whites: 170 ml
Mascarpone cheese: 80gr
Milk: 50 ml
Coffee: 150 gr

Firstly whisk the cream.
Make a Swiss merengue with the egg whites and sugar.
Heat up the milk and dilute the gofio cornmeal.
Allow to cool. Add the milk together with the gofio to the cream and finally add in the merengue.

Coffee, gofio, chocolate and citric fruits

Naranja Sponge
Eggs: 200 gr
Almond flour: 60gr
Standard flour: 60gr
Sugar:5 0gr
Orange juice: 100ml

Put both the flours and the sugar into a blender, mix well and add the egg and juice at level 4 for 3 minutes.
Strain and put into syphon. Strain twice and leave to stand for 12 hours.
Jab a tiny hole in a plastic cup to let air out, then add the mix to fill a third of the cup.
Put into the microwave on full power for 50 seconds. This will give it a spongy texture.

Coffee Cream with Lime

Liquid egg: 40ml
Lime peel: 1 lime
Gelatine: 8 grammes
Coffee: 80 grammes
Sugar: 55 grammes

Heat the cream with the lime peel, coffee and sugar, up to a temperature of 40°. Add the liquid egg, raising the temperature to 80 degrees stirring continuously, then allow to set for 24 hours in the fridge.

Chocolate almonds

Chocolate Barry 70% : 150 grammes
Crushed Almonds: 70 grammes

Melt the chocolate, cool and spread around evenly on baking paper.
Before it cools, sprinkle the crushed almonds on top. Allow to cool and break up.

Coffee, gofio, chocolate and citric fruits
Kibsain Lugo

Isomalt icing sugar crunch
Heat up a paste with glucose, with fondant dough to 110 degrees. Once this temperature is reached, add 100 grams of isomalt icing sugar and heat further up to 175 degrees. Once this temperature is reached, spread the mixture around on baking paper.
Leave in a dry place, away from damp areas, so it can cool off and crystalize.
Now break it up and mix in a blender repeatedly for 2 seconds at a time into a fine powder. This powder is sprinkled over a baking liner and is then heated up on a hot plate or with a lamp until it dilutes into a fine transparent flat pancake.
Once it has gone hard, it is broken into small pieces and then decorated.


With the pastry bag squeeze out gofio mousse blobs and coffee cream blobs.
Place the sponge in postion.
Decorate with the chocolate and the isomalt icing sugar.
Add pieces of crushed walnuts and almonds.
Now try it for taste.

Download recipe [PDF - 379 KB]


"What better way to promote and enlighten people on such a wonderful Gran Canarian product as is coffee from Agaete, than by using it as the main ingredient in a dessert. For this recipe the coffee I used is the one cultivated and harvested by my father Antonio Lugo at his Finca Juan Lomo

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Who is Kibsain Lugo?

Kibsain Lugo is a pastry chef from Gran Canaria, who has been in love with his profession since a very young age, as he was part of a family rooted in the hotel and catering business and the primary sector. "Since I was a child, I followed in the footsteps of my brother Davidoff Lugo, who confided in me and gave me the opportunity to start working with him in the kitchens of the Maroa", he told us.

“Around that time, while I was doing the washing up and other chores, I was taking interest in cold room work. I became curious when I saw how they prepared dessert boards for events, groups or special tables. After six months I was promoted to kitchen assistant, I made desserts and I liked it more and more. I decided to train myself, firstly teaching myself, watching videos, reading books and taking courses. Then I was able to attend a good number of master classes, with the great Paco Torreblanca and Oriol Balaguer, among others".

er his time at Restaurante Maroa, Kibsain Lugo went on to work at Khun Gran Bahía, a restaurant in the south of Gran Canaria serving Asian-fusion cuisine, with an elaborate dessert menu. In 2018, he took part in the pastry competition at the 5th Canary Gastronomy Forum-Gastrocanarias, coming away with 1st prize as assistant alongside Juan Carlos de Souza.

"My dream of becoming a professional pastry chef would not have been possible without the unconditional support of my wife Almudena and my daughter", says Kibsain, as he continues to bake delicious desserts to sweeten the holidays of travellers coming to Gran Canaria.

Today Kibsain Lugo works as master pastry chef at the Casa Romántica restaurant in the Agaete Valley, alongside his brother, chef Davidoff Lugo, who is driving this new project together with winemaker and coffee maker Victor Jorge Lugo. Agaete Valley is an essential stopping point on the island, built on the value of local produce...

Our 26th 'dish-enhancing' secret ingredient

Coffee from Agaete

Coffee from Agaete is one of the star flavours out of Gran Canaria’s gourmet portfolio, thanks to its undeniable quality, which makes it a highly regarded product among coffee experts. It is painstakingly prepared with great dedication at the Valley of Agaete, at coffee plants that share the farmland with tropical fruit and citric fruit trees. It is of the typical Coffea arábica variety, and its cultivation here at this municipality dates back to the 19th century. This long tradition, together with the efforts of its producers, combine to make the Agaete Coffee brand, which is growing in popularity every year.