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Recipes of Gran Canaria. Chef Iciar Pérez Cejas

How to cook ‘pickled seasonal vegetables and Mogán tuna’, by Iciar Pérez Cejas


200 gr. Mogán tuna loin
3 tomatoes
1 onion
1 cucumber
1 romaine lettuce
1 carrot
2 radishes

20 gr. soya sauce
25 gr. mirin seasoning agent
5 gr. fermented pepper
25 gr. sesame oil
Half a lime juice

To pickle the vegetables
500 gr. sugar
500 ml. water
500 ml. rice vinegar

Lettuce puree
450 gr. romaine lettuce
30 gr. white wine vinegar
0,5 gr. wasabi powder
8 gr. fine salt
150 gr. olive oil
0,5 gr. xanthan gum


Firstly, prepare the pickled vegetables and cook all the ingredients until they come to the boil. Put aside to cool.

Cut the vegetables up as preferred. For example, cut the onion into julienne slices but not too thinly, cut the tomato into halves, and the radish and carrots into thin slices. Cut the cucumber into thin strips with a peeler.

Mix in all the vegetables with the pickling liquid and leave to pickle overnight. They can be kept in the pickling liquid for quite a long time. Mix all the ingredients for the tuna dressing and set aside.

Wash and chop up the lettuce, then add the salt and vinegar. Leave the mixture to stand for 20 minutes. Shred the lettuce together with the xanthan gum and the wasabi in a food processor, and add in drops of olive oil. Strain and store in a bottle. Slice the previously frozen tuna into fine pieces.


Place the lettuce puree at the base of the plate.

Then place the vegetables alternately. Between them, place the tuna slices that have been previously coated with the dressing and decorate with fresh shoots.


When we met up with Iciar, she told us "when I was asked to create a recipe using Gran Canarian products that everyone could make at home, all I could think of was the seasonality of the product. Now in summer we are in the tuna fishing season. Tuna is an exceptional product offered by our coasts, especially on the coast of the municipality of Mogán. As for the vegetables to be used in the dish, they are all fresh and are offered to us by our farmers and local markets throughout the year”.

Iciar says that, with the arrival of the good weather, "this recipe can be a very cool dish, perfect for this season, with the ingredients at their best for consumers to enjoy".

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Who is Iciar Pérez Cejas?

El Hierro-born chef Iciar Pérez Cejas studied for a Degree in Kitchen Management at the Hotel Escuela in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the beginning of a training path that she extended with internships at The Ritz-Carlton Abama hotel in Tenerife and at 'Eneko Bilbao', home of chef Eneko Atxa in the Biscayan capital (1 Michelin Star).

In 2020 Iciar was named 'Best head chef' at the gastronomy awards organised by the Diario de Avisos Foundation. And in 2022 she received the award for 'Best chef in the Canary Islands' from the ¡Qué bueno! Guide’.

On his return to the island, Drazen worked at the Marutegui Group for five years, where he became sous-chef, specialising in events and itinerant cuisine. For another two years he was head chef at the restaurant located within Maspalomas Golf Course. He later worked as a gastronomic advisor, helping in the opening of new restaurants until they were fully established, training the teams and establishing menus and methodology.

Iciar is currently head chef at Restaurante Poemas by Hermanos Padrón, an establishment with 1 Repsol Sun and 1 Michelin Star, located in the emblematic Hotel Santa Catalina, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, now considered one of the leading gastronomic lights in the island’s capital city.

Dish-enhancing secret ingredient

Atún Rojo de Mogán

Known throughout the archipelago for being one of the best delicacies of the summer season, Mogán Bluefin Tuna provides Gran Canaria cuisine with spectacular aromas and flavours, accompanying the presentation of dishes with its unmistakable colour, synonymous with purity and freshness.

The municipality of Mogán has traditionally seen its population multiply during the traditional tuna harvest, when hundreds of young people from other towns go out to sea with the local sailors to catch the delicious tuna.

More info about Mogán, the big blue paradise

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