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First Courses

First Courses

Gofio escaldado

"Gofio Escaldao"
(Scalded Gofio)

Ingredients: 1 litre of strained fish broth, 1 sprig of mint and 1/4 Kg. of gofio.


1. Place the gofio in a dish with the sprig of mint and slowly add the boiling broth. Do not stop stirring until it is all smoothly blended. This can also be made using vegetable broth, soup or stew.

This dish is served with red onion in vinegar and water, or with fried garlic. 


Potaje de berros

"Potaje de Berros"
(Watercress Soup)

Ingredients: 1/2 Kg. of watercress, 1/2 Kg. of potatoes, 1/4 Kg. pig ribs, 1/4 Kg. of white beans, 150 gr. of yam, 2 tender corns, 1 tomato, 1 onion, 1 green pepper, 3 garlic cloves, 1/2 small cup of olive, saffron, salt and water.


1. Leave the white beans to soak and soften overnight.

2. Place the ribs, white beans, corns and  yam in a pot. Add three litres of water and put it on to heat.

3. When it is half cooked, add the watercress, potatoes, onion, tomato and pepper, all previously chopped up, along with the salt, saffron, ground garlic and oil.

4. Cook it at medium heat until thoroughly cooked.


Rancho canario

"Rancho Canario"
(Canary Rancho)

Ingredients: 1/2 Kg. of chickpeas, 1/4 Kg. of beef, 1/4 Kg. of chicken, 100 gr. of thick noodles, 1/2 Kg. of potatoes, 1 bulb of garlic, 1 onion, 1 tomato, 2 sprigs of parsley, 1 teaspoon of paprika, 1 small cup of oil, 1 small cup of white wine, saffron, thyme, bay leaf, salt and water.


1. Leave the chickpeas to soak and soften overnight.

2. The next day, wash them and put them with the meat in a pot with two litres of hot water. Put it on to heat at least an hour without taking the lid off the pot.

3. Meanwhile, make a frying base by frying the oil, onion, garlic and tomato, and finally the paprika.

4. Once the meat and the chickpeas are cooked, add the frying base along with the diced potatoes, salt, saffron, thyme, bay leaf and the white wine, leaving it on to heat for around ten minutes.

5. And finally, when the potatoes are almost cooked, add the noodles and leave it to cook through for a further five minutes.


Caldo de papas y cilantro

"Caldo de Papas y Cilantro"
(Potato and Coriander Soup)

Ingredients: 1 Kg. of potatoes, 1 onion, 2 tomatoes, 1/2 red pepper, 1/2 green pepper, 1 egg per person, 1 sprig of coriander, salt, oil and saffron.


1. Put the peeled potatoes, onion, tomatoes and pepper in a pot with water having previously chopped them up. Add in a little glass of oil, the saffron, salt, a sprig of coriander and put it on to heat.

2. When the potatoes are cooked, but without taking the pot from the heat, crack the raw eggs into it and leave it for several minutes until the eggs are cooked too.



(Canary Casserole)

Ingredients: 1/2 Kg. of beef or pork, 1/2 Kg. chicken, 1/2 Kg. of chickpeas, 1/2 Kg. of potatoes, 1/2 Kg. of green beans, 1/4 Kg. marrow, 1/2 Kg. zucchini, 1/4 Kg. carrots, 1/2 Kg. yam, 1 corn, 1 piece of white cabbage, 1 bulb of garlic, 1 leek, 1 onion, 1 tomato, saffron, parsley, mint, oil, salt and water.


1. Leave the chickpeas to soak and soften overnight.

2. Make a frying base in a pot by frying the onion, tomato and a small amount of parsley. Add the chickpeas and your chosen meat. Cover with plenty of water and leave it on to heat for an hour with the lid on.

3. Next and without taking it off the heat, introduce the green beans, zucchini, cabbage, leek, corn and the carrots, all chopped in big dices.

When the vegetables are almost ready, add the potatoes, the yam and the marrow, also chopped in big dices, and leave it cooking.

4. Take it off the heat when everything is done, and strain it.

With the broth you can also make a soup. The vegetable can be served with some fried garlic sprinkled on top.


Caldo de pescado

"Sopa de Pescado"
(Fish Soup)

Ingredients: 1 Kg. of fish (normally pink or common dentex), 1/2 Kg. of potatoes, 1 onion, 1 tomato, 3 garlic cloves, cumin, salt, oil, paprika, saffron, coriander, mint and black pepper.


1. Put the peeled potatoes, onion, tomatoes and pepper in a pot with water, all without chopping them yet. Add to this a small amount of oil, paprika, saffron, coriander, mint, cumin, garlic cloves as well as salt and put it on to heat.

2. When it starts boiling, add the fish and leave it to cook until the potatoes are ready.