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Parque Natural de Tamadaba

Parque Natural de Tamadaba

Type of Natural Resource: Parques Naturales

Location: Artenara, Aldea de San Nicolás, Agaete


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The network of ravines, slopes and mountain masses of this area form an erosive landscape of great beauty and contrast. Natural geomorphological elements of considerable interest can be seen here. One of the islands best preserved natural pine forests is found in Tamadaba. The forest is extremely efficient in harnessing water, as can be seen by the presence of various artificial reservoirs located in the surrounding area. Other well-preserved bio-systems are the ravines of the lower areas ?which are covered in Canary Island Cactus Spurge and Common Canary Spurge? together with the slope habitats. Various protected species can be found on the Guayedra cliffs, some of which are exclusive to this area. Certain endemic and protected bird species find an ideal nesting area in the pine forests. Of further interest from a cultural point of view are some of the remotely located and semi-abandoned country hamlets and the archaeological importance of areas such as El Risco and the Guayedra valley.
Location: Agaete, Artenara and San Nicolás.
Surface area: 7538.6 hectares.

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