Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria



The Canary Island archipelago is in the middle of one of the most important tuna migration routes of the Atlantic. They pass Gran Canaria, especially the southern and north-western coast of the island, in the middle of spring, early summer, and from the start of autumn until winter arrives. The most common species are:

Atlantic bonito: in abundance from March to July.

Big-eye tuna: Gran Canaria is the world leader in this fish, with several world records in excess of 350 pounds (160 kg).

White tuna: The island holds several world records for this species, weighing in at over 66 pounds (30 kg).

Bluefin tuna: It is less common, but large individuals have been caught in excess of 660 pounds (300 kg).

Yellowfin tuna: This species can also be caught in island waters.

Skipjack tuna: It is particularly plentiful in Canary Island waters.


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