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Practical Information about the Northern Route

Practical Information about the Northern Route

Spectacular cliffs that offer the visitor an extraordinary vision of the force of the sea on the northern coast of Gran Canaria, as well as small coves, natural pools and beaches with a special marine charm, which combine with picturesque natural spaces that settle in the rugged terrain.

The northern route of Gran Canaria leads us from the municipality of Arucas to reach Agaete, passing by Firgas, Moya, Santa María de Guía and Gáldar.

Duration of the route: 1 day

What you must not miss: 
On your way through the Northern route visit the Tourist Offices of  Arucas, Firgas, Moya, Santa María de Guía, Gáldar and Agaete which you will find in the village centres of each of these villages. The tourist consultants will make the visit easier.


In Arucas: 

- Historic Centre: The Parroquial neogothic Church of San Juan Bautista, the Plaza de San Juan, the House of Culture and Municipal Library that is home to an example of a “Drago” (Dracaena draco) tree.
- The Municipal Garden
- The Rum Factory
- The Montaña de Arucas (Arucas Mountain): magnificent views of the northern region (1 km from the town centre)
- The House and Garden of the Marquesa or Marchioness of Arucas (1 km from the village  centre)

In Firgas: 
- The Gran Canaria Walkway with its 22 heraldic coats of arms and the Canarias Walkway
- Historic Centre: The Plaza and the Church of San Roque, the Town Hall building, the House of Culture, the Viewing Balcony and Sidewalk of the “Barranco de las Madres”.
- The Firgas Mill from the XVI century
- The Special Natural Reserve of the “Barranco de Azuaje” (10.1 kms from the centre of Firgas)
- Doramas Rural Park (1.8 kms from the village)
- The Mountains of Firgas and Pico de Osorio

In Moya: 
- The Tomás Morales House Museum
- The Church of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria
- The Balconies of Moya
- The Interpretation Centre of Los Tiles de Moya Special Natural Reserve with examples of  laurisilva and a track that begins from the centre (length of the track 1,800 metres)
- The Barranco Oscuro Reserve with examples of laurisilva within the Doramas Rural Park.

In Santa María de Guía: 
- Historic group of buildings of Santa María de Guía: The San Antonio Hermitage, the Quintana House, the House of Culture and the Néstor Álamo Museum.
- The Church of Santa María de Guía
- The “Casa del Queso” (the Cheesehouse) in Montaña Alta (14 kilometres from the village of Santa María de Guía)
- The “Cenobio de Valerón” (6 kms from the village of Santa María de Guía)

In Gáldar: 
- The Galdar Painted Cave (Cueva Pintada de Gáldar) Museum and Acheological Park 
- Historic Centre: The Matrix Temple of Santiago de los Caballeros, the Plaza de Santiago, the Casas Consistoriales (Town Hall), the Municipal Theatre, the Casino, the Gáldar Market and the Antonio Padrón Museum
- The lighthouse and beach of Sardina del Norte (5.8 kms approximately from the town of Galdar)

In Agaete: 
- The Huerto de Las Flores (the Flower Patch)
- La Rama Museum (open in summer)
- Port of Las Nieves and Hermitage of Las Nieves with the Flemish Triptich from the XVI century (1.4 kms from the municipal village)
- The Valley of Agaete, rich in tropical fruit, citrus trees and Arábica coffee plantations (700 metres from the municipal village)
- The Tamadaba Natural Park with its canarian pine tree woods (17.1 kms from the municipal village)

Gastronomy of the place:
Rum, liceurs, roasted chicken, black pudding, watercress soup, goat meat, fresh fish, “Flor” cheese. Pastries: buns, meringue “suspiros” and sponge cake. Arabica coffee from the  Agaete Valley (the only coffee in Europe). 

Pocket recommendations: 
Festivities and bonfires of San Juan. Arucas
Festivities of San Roque in Firgas, August
Romería (traditional street festivity) in honor of San Antonio. Moya, June
The Cheese Festivities, Santa María de Guía, April - May
Festivity of Santiago Apóstol, Gáldar, July
Festivity of La Rama. Agaete, August

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