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Final goal: "do nothing"

Do nothing. She is looking forward to “doing nothing” these holidays. This may seem a bit odd to some, but to her it makes perfect sense. Some superb days to quietly ponder over all that has happened and all that is to come. She has been going over this complex plan for several weeks. Months, actually.

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Girl, smiling, writes in her diary beside the Cruz de Tejeda

She is ready to bid farewell to all her troubles. Mobile phone, haste, duties, work… all will stay a flight away. None of that is coming to Gran Canaria. For she has decided that she needs time just for herself. Time to get lost in any town on the island. Time to spend on the beach. Just a magazine, some tanning lotion, a straw hat, and a bikini, all following the latest fashion.

She is already fully prepared to strictly follow her plan, while the sheer thought of it puts a smile on her face. Apart from sheer joy, she intends to bring back an intense tan with her… Needless to say, the plan includes enjoying Gran Canaria’s beaches. And beaches abound on the island, more than 120 in fact, of all kinds you can imagine, along with a large number of special places to discover, north to south, east to west.

Girl in a swimming pool in a spa session

The strategy for these holidays also involves an “invigorating visit” to a spa. Proper sleep therapy. A long series of walks on the beach. And an endless list of activities that turn the “do nothing “ plan into a full “have a great time in Gran Canaria” programme.

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