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The Great Rest recipe

The Great Rest was discovered literally hundreds of years ago. It came about in the middle of the 19th Century when several Englishmen that were sailing along the steamboat route to Cape Town discovered, almost by accident, the island with the best winters in Europe.

It was an island that offered a refuge, with perfect microclimates, so that people could settle there for long stays and rest, recover from illnesses, alleviate ailments, or simply let the world go by at a leisurely pace. A place in the middle of the ocean with good weather, where one could relax, look after oneself and simply feel great.

A girl looks out to sea from a Spa
A guest receives a wellness treatment at a pool

It was during the second half of the 19th Century that Gran Canaria started to become a major health destination. Travelers from all over Europe arrived from thousands of different cities, searching for the good climate that was spread over virtually all 12 months of the year. Visitors from all parts of Europe bathed in the medicinal waters at the old stately spas of Azuaje and los Berrazales. This was the 19th Century.

Indeed, the Great Rest continued to adapt with the passing of time. The visionary Italian Eduardo Filiputti revolutionized the system in the 20th Century by creating a health centre in the sea of dunes of Maspalomas. The spa on the dunes was a solar therapy centre that enabled the beneficial effects of the combination of sun and sand to be fully exploited. This was now the 1960s.

A masseur gives a wellness treatment to a client
A girl strolling along the beachfront at Maspalomas

These days the great rest recipe is continually being improved in Gran Canaria. This is because the island never stops reinventing new ways to offer the best health holidays to visitors. A century and a half later, visitors will find an enormous range of Spa & Wellness centres, top quality personal service by health care specialists, and the latest beauty and wellness treatments.

A combination of years’ experience as a health destination, the most advanced methods and the most up-to-date spa and thalassotherapy facilities in Gran Canaria, join forces with its mild climate and its numerous beaches. All of this is supported by many health and beauty professionals, along with a wide range of private health care options.

A girl reaches up to the sky above Dunas de Maspalomas

If you want to spend a few days feeling good and looking after yourself, why not come to Gran Canaria? We hope to continue to be the place where the recipe for the Great Rest is kept for a further 150 years.

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