Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria


The island with a sweet centre!

In the geographical centre of Gran Canaria sits a town which in turn is the centre of attention for visitors, both local and foreign, who come in to see the Basilica of the Virgen del Pino, the patron saint of the island. Thanks to this, the historical town centre has become an attractive spot to come to on a Sunday, for many reasons. There is a massive movement of people, nearly every weekend, who come to the area around the temple, to stroll through the open air market which sets up on the cobbled streets all around.

A couple in the centre of Teror
Traditional dancing next to the Basilica in the fiestas del Pino

This market offers, in its near 150 stalls, everything from religious memorabilia of the Virgin to children’s toys, plus pets and clothes. But the hub of its activity and for which so many islanders and tourists are so keen to come for, is its cuisine. The bars and terraces play their full part in this type of never ending fiesta which goes on every seven days, in an atmosphere of “peaceful hustle and bustle”,  if indeed these three words can be put together in such a way to aptly describe what goes on here

The local shops are also in on the act, including musical instrument shops, as since 1932 the village has enjoyed the accolade of fair town. But hold on, we haven’t even started on the cuisine yet! Well here goes.

Chorizo from Teror

Special products with their own “from Teror” label on them number quite a few: the soft chorizos sweet black puddings are the most popular, made by small scale family butcher establishments located around the village. The chorizos, indeed, provide the fillings for rolls made with wood-oven baked bread–the market offers a wide variety of these, which, in some cases, are kneeded and baked for the same day–,which the reddish chorizo paste is spread on, much to the delight of its many fans.

And while we’re on the subject of bread, the wide assortment on display makes it quite an effort to choose which one to take… let alone coming back with a bag full of bread that we know we won’t even be able to eat for the next week! The wood oven bread comes in different formats, as do the tradition egg, potato and maize breads, not to mention many other more innovative kinds made up of different types of flour.

Wine cellar with cheese and wine
Artisan bread

On an island which is a paradise for lovers of fine cheese, excellent cheeses, whose fame quite rightly precedes them, can be purchased right here: cured or fresh cheeses, soft spreading cheese with paprika or with gofio (crushed maize meal), goats or sheep’s cheese, or mixed with cow’s milk, brought in from shepherds and cattle farmers from all over the land. Just seeing them on the counter is a delight for your eyes, surpassed only by the pleasure of tasting them.

Teror also has been home, since 1888, for a unique community of nuns in a cloister order. At its cistercian monastery, whose construction dates back to this time, the nuns have been putting together a tasty array of pastries (aniseed rolls, truchas, almond pieces, marzipans, rosco rolls, sponges and mantecados which can be acquired at the monastery itself, through a turnstile which hides their faces from the outside world), or at some of the specialist stalls that stock this product in the Sunday market.

Sweet potatoes
Pastry cooks cooking

These are just some of the examples of what you can find here. But there are many more (don’t forget Canary nougat, which is nothing like the typical Christmas kind, but which we eat in the Canaries all year round, and especially in the fiestas!), so take a trip around Teror and find out for yourself. By the way, its restaurants also have a fine choice of meats, which are the local speciality here, for visitors to try.

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