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Recipes from an Islandmix. Chef Chema Marrero. Gran Canaria.

This is how the '2017 Sancocho' recipe, by chef Chema Marrero, is made

(per portion)

250 gr Sea Bass Supreme
1 l Temisas virgin olive oil
40 gr. new potatoes
Sea salt
30 gr yellow potatoes
0.1 gr flaky sea salt
2 gr chives

For the mojo sauce
0.4 gr cumin
0.4 gr sweet paprika
5 gr olive oil
2 gr white wine vinegar
0.3 gr sea salt
4 gr garlic

For the Gofio lump
10 gr lightly toasted Gofio maize meal
3 ml red mojo sauce
2 gr ripe banana
1 gr mature rum

2017 Sancocho

Glaze the sea bass at 62º for 2 hours, making sure it has a very syrupy texture.

Emulsify all the mojo sauce ingredients in the food processor, adding the oil in at the end in the form of a thread.

Mix up all the gofio ingredients and make a thin sheet with the help of some film, heat in the oven on a teflon tray with some weight on top.

Make a fairly runny texture yellow sweet potato purée with a food blender.

Blend the cooked purée so that it comes out very thin with the help of a sieve.

Set the dish up as shown in the photo, starting with the blend, purée, sea bass, and finish with the cordon of mojo sauce and the gofio lump in the sheet alongside it.

Decorate with a banana tree leaf.

Download recipe [PDF - 373 KB]

2017 Sancocho by chef Chema Marrero
[] Chef Chema Marrero


Chema Marrero explains the inspiation behind his dish:

“I have always strived to promote our culture, gastronomy and our local food farming in my recipes, and all that this represents in job creation, wealth creation, the defence of traditions as well as the sustainability of the island’s farmland and cattle.

I have always supported the idea that the hotels and restaurants in tourist areas on the island should be offering a modern Gran Canarian cuisine, because keeping pace with modern cuisine is what is done in forward thinking countries in terms of gastronomy. For this reason, some 20 years ago now, I made the conscious effort to take my cooking along this route, at a time when others believed that we should only be offering international food in Gran Canaria."

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Who is Chema Marrero?

Chema Marrero is a chef from Gran Canaria, who has orchestrated his long professional career outside of Spain. He has developed a meritorious and extensive career in catering establishments at different destinations including Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Philippines.

After his career in Asia, and once he was back in Europe and in his homeland, Chema Marrero started his own business, and today he runs the kitchens at his restaurant, "Valle de Mogán", located in a typical building in the southern municipality of Mogán, Gran Canaria.

His menu offers an updated version of traditional Canarian recipes, blending tradition and new techniques, without shying away from the influence of other world cuisines and the knowledge gained from his years spent in other countries. The Gran Canarian chef places a strong emphasis on local products in his dishes, accompanying the beautiful views from his dining room in Mogán with rich culinary flavours.

'Valle de Mogán' has been included in the 2021 Repsol Guide as one of its recommended restaurants in the Archipelago.

Our 20th 'dish-enhancing' secret ingredient:

The island’s sea salt

Cinco Salinas maintain a cottage-industry tradition of sea salt production in Gran Canaria, highlighting a quality product that has looked to update itself and improve its commercialization over the last few years. They are able to extract a variety of different salt types from its production, including some highly regarded gourmet varieties.

For further information on its location, go to the website at