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Recipes from an Islandmix. Chef Fabián Maldonado. Gran Canaria.

This is how the 'Perla Canaria' by chef Fabián Maldonado is made


The dessert that Fabián Maldonado puts in front of us today is a sugar crystal sphere, inspired and stuffed with sweet aromas and flavours that come from different municipalities around Gran Canaria. In a single dessert, our chef delights our palates with Arucas rum honey jellies, with a gofio whip from Santa Brígida, Prince Albert cream, bienmesabe from Tejeda and coffee sorbet from Agaete.

Perla Canaria by chef Fabián Maldonado
(18 servings)

Príncipe Alberto chocolate mousse
300 gr dark chocolate
200 gr egg white
100 gr egg yolk
120 gr sugar
60 gr almonds from Tejeda
60 gr hazelnuts

Gofio whip
150 gr cream
150 gr milk
120 gr gofio from Santa Brígida
80 gr brown sugar

Honey rum jellies
125 cl Honey rum from Arucas
3 slices of jelly

Coffee sorbet
100 ml expresso coffee
xanthan gum
2 gr de sucro emul
20 gr brown sugar

20 gr de isomalt sugar

Dried flowers


Príncipe Alberto chocolate mousse

Warm up the chocolate, whisk up the egg yolks, and lastly the egg whites into fluffy points. Add the yolks to the hot chocolate, followed by the whites. Finally add in the crushed almonds and hazelnuts. Store this mousse in a pastry bag.

Gofio whip
Heat up the milk together with the gofio and brown sugar, dissolving it all in until it is free of any lumps. Add the mix to the sieve and then add the whipped cream to the sieve in two loads, to obtain a fully fluffy whip. Store.

Chef Fabián Maldonado
Perla Canaria by chef Fabián Maldonado

Honey rum jellies
Heat up and simmer honey rum. Add the previously hydrated jelly slices. Once dissolved, remove the mix from the heat and allow to cool in the fridge for an hour until it sets. Cut up the jelly into small ½ cm chunks.

Coffee Sorbet
Prepare the 100ml of Agaete expresso coffee. Add the sugar, the xanthan gum and the sucro emul. Place the mixture in the fridge for 4 hours. If you don’t have time, you can can put the mixture through a sorbet maker to obtain the sorbet more quickly.

Isomalt sugar sphere with the air blowing pump
Start by kneading the isomalt sugar up to a temperature of 110 degrees with the help of a silpack silicone sheet. Once the optimum kneading temperature has been reached, the point of the air blowing pump is heated and is covered with the ball of isomalt sugar to form a small globe.
At this point air is pushed into it to obtain the desired size and shape. Work on the sphere carefully so it becomes as round as possible. Move the ball near to a ventilator, to help cool it down quickly and keep its shape. Once this is done, use a sharp knife to make a fine slit and separate the sphere from the air blowing pump.


Place the sugar sphere with the hole facing upwards. Add the flowers and the jelly chunks on the bottom. Continue with the gofio whip, a small spoon of bienmesabe, the coffee sorbet, and finish with the Príncipe Alberto chocolate mousse.

Turn the sphere upside down onto a plate.

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Who is Fabián Maldonado?

Chef Víctor Fabián Maldonado Da Costa was born in Uruguay. He has been living in Gran Canaria for 14 years. He is a self-taught chef, and has been creative, curious and passionate about his profession from day one.

His career began in 2004 as a kitchen assistant at El Senador, an emblematic restaurant in the south of Gran Canaria. Subsequently, he worked in leading restaurants in the capital, such as La Casita and Madrás. In 2007 he became 2nd head chef at another renowned restaurant of excellent Galician cuisine, El Pote, also in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Since 2008, Fabián has been working as head chef in various establishments on the island, including a period working for the Princess hotel chain.

In 2015 he became executive chef at the restaurant La Cúpula del Gran Casino Costa Meloneras, where he focused his creativity on avant-garde Canarian cuisine. He then worked as executive chef at the Fusión NUBE restaurants in Playa del Inglés and Puerto Rico, where he served creative international cuisine. In 2018, Fabián took over responsibility for the kitchens of the Gastroclub El Cortijo in Telde as Executive Chef.

His professional career is dispersed with periods of training in Madrid with prestigious pastry chef Paco Torreblanca, and in Seville studying a Master's Degree in Gastronomy and International Cuisine at the Catering College.

Fabián was acclaimed in 2016 for his "contribution to tourism and cultural development", a prize given by the Professional Hotel and Tourism Associations of Gran Canaria. In 2017 he gained 3rd place in the International Creative Cuisine Competition at 'Madrid Fusion'. That same year he won 1st prize for the best new recipe for Canarian black pig awarded by the Agüimes Town Council, and was a finalist at the Best Canarian Chef Competition, where he won the Mahou prize for the best pairing recipe at the 13th Gastro-Canarias Gastronomy Festival.

Our 22nd 'dish-enhancing' secret ingredient:

Agaete coffee

Agaete Coffee is one of the star flavours in the gourmet portfolio of Gran Canaria, thanks mainly to its undeniable quality, making it a highly regarded product by top coffee experts.

It is lovingly cultivated in the Valley of Agaete, in amongst tropical and citric fruit trees. The beans are from the typical Arabic coffee variety, and have been grown at this northern municipality since the 19th century. This long tradition, along with the painstaking efforts of the coffee producers, come together to make the Agaete Coffee brand, which is growing in popularity year on year.