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Recipes from an Islandmix. Chef Germán Ortega. Gran Canaria.

This is how Mogán red prawn salad, a recipe by chef Germán Ortega, is made


Cooking the prawn
Cook the prawns slowly in salted water for 2 and a half minutes. 
Cool and store.

Essence of the heads
Use a food processor to mash up the heads of the prawns for 10 minutes at 90º. Add sunflower oil to create a pulp. 
Strain and store.

Avocado mousse
100gr avocado 
8gr salt 
1 lime

Blend all ingredients into a smooth mousse.

Mogán red prawn salad

Frothy Lime
100gr lime juice
2gr ginger 
1/2 clove of garlic
5gr coriander

Marinade in the fridge for an hour, then strain and squeeze contents to get all the juice out.
Add 1gr of soya lecithin.
Blend all ingredients together until the mix becomes frothy.

100gr olive oil
40gr apple vinegar
20 gr honey 
10 gr Dijon mustard

Blend all the ingredients together until they make the vinaigrette dressing.

Other ingredients that accompany and decorate the dish

Shallot rings, roast pepper, coriander shoots, extra virgin olive oil caviar.

Marinade the prawn in the vinaigrette and then put on a plate like a salad serving.

Advice from the chef: 
Try to eat all ingredients together in a spoonful.

Download recipe [PDF - 343 KB]

Mogán red prawn salad
Mogán red prawn salad


Our chef tells us how his creative idea came about:

"Gran Canaria boasts some fantastic products and wonderful basic ingredients.

Specifically for this recipe, I use Mogan red prawns as a main ingredient, and try to give it a modern or cutting edge touch to local Gran Canarian cuisine, together with some French, South American and Asian influences."

Who is Germán Ortega?

Germán Ortega is a chef from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria who trained in Sweden, England and in various cities in Spain, working at the kitchens of renowned chefs such as Ferrán Adriá, Laurent Tassel and Andrew Hamer.

His professional career includes stints at restaurants including "Vassa Eggen" in Stockholm, "The Letonnie" in England, with two Michelin Stars, the Hacienda Benazuza and El Bulli Hotel with two Michelin Stars.

Germán returned to Gran Canaria to take over the kitchens at La Aquarela restaurant as Executive Chef, and together with his team transformed it into an tourist hotspot in Gran Canaria’s main tourist hub. Located in the resort of Patalavaca, in the municipality of Mogán, La Aquarela Restaurant obtained its highest recognition in 2019, achieving a Michelin Star. In 2020 it was awarded 2 Suns by the Repsol Guide.

Germán was also awarded the Prize for the Best Chef of the islands in the 5th Mahou-La Opinión-La Provincia Gastronomy Awards 2018 and "Best Chef of the Canary Islands 2012", awarded by the gastronomic guide 'Qué bueno Canarias'. He also achieved the accolade of "Best restaurant in the Canary Islands 2015" for ‘La Aquarela’, awarded by the same publication.

His cuisine is based on both product and technique. In his menu he always offers excellent fish and red meat dishes.

Alongside his work at the head of the restaurant La Aquarela, Germán Ortega currently adds his knowledge as executive chef consultant at the UMIAYA restaurant, located in the Vital Suites Residencia Salud & Spa hotel, where traditional Canarian cuisine is influenced by his travels around the kitchens of the world.

Our 18th 'dish-enhancing' secret ingredient

A little secret at some of the finest restaurants at the south of Gran Canaria is the red prawn, which is still fished on a small scale in Mogán.

It is usually grilled, and doesn’t require any special dressing to bring out one of the best flavours from the sea.

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