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How to make ‘Ice-cream Bread’ by Aser Martín


For the ice cream
1,140 ml whole milk
200 ml cream 35% mg
40 ml powdered skimmed milk
130 gr sugar
260 gr dextrose
230 gr toasted aniseed bread from Panaderías Pulido bakery in San Mateo
10 gr stabiliser for ice cream
10 gr Bocacangrejo salt

For the cornbread topping
800 gr powdered toasted cornbread
800 gr cocoa butter
300 gr muscovado sugar
15 gr Bocacangrejo salt

For the egg bread syrup
700 gr toasted egg bread from Panadería Amaro bakery, in the town of Ingenio
2 l water
3 handfuls of malt

Savoury potato bread and rosemary praline
700 gr savoury powdered potato bread with rosemary
600 ml sunflower oil
500 gr de muscovado sugar
25 gr Bocacangrejo salt

Plato de Aser Martín

For the ice cream
Firstly toast the aniseed bread for 30 minutes at 180 degrees and set aside. Then, for the ice cream, mix the liquid ingredients and the solid ingredients separately from one another.
Add the solids to the milk and cream and beat everything well in the thermomix blender. Transfer the mixture into a vacuum bag and cook for 25 minutes at 83 degrees in a steam oven or in a bain-marie.
Remove the contents from the bag and transfer them to the thermomix blender. Add the bread (it is important to weigh the bread after toasting, as it loses moisture in the process) and blend for 4 seconds. Leave to stand for 5 minutes.
Then add the salt and blend again. Quickly reduce the temperature of the mixture to 4 degrees in an inverted bain-marie. Pack it in a vacuum bag and leave it to stand in the fridge for 24 hours. Finally, put in the freezer and set aside at -18 degrees Celsius.

For the savoury potato bread and rosemary praline
Place all the ingredients together in the conching machine and refine for 24-30 hours.
Transfer to a piping bag and set aside.

For the cornbread topping
Place all ingredients in the conching machine and refine for 24-30 hours. Place in a vacuum bag and set aside.

For the egg bread syrup
Vacuum pack all ingredients and steam for 1.5 hours at 75 degrees. Leave to cool in the bag for 12 hours at room temperature. Strain naturally with no extra force through a cheesecloth or very fine cloth strainer. Over low heat, reduce the liquid until it begins to caramelise and has the desired texture.


Place some of the aniseed bread ice cream in ice-cream moulds, then pour a thin layer of potato and rosemary bread praline on top. Insert the popsicle stick and freeze at -30 degrees. Finish by filling the popsicle with the remaining ice cream and refreeze.

For the dip, temper the topping to 50 degrees and dip the frozen popsicle. Store in the freezer at -18 degrees. Serve the aniseed bread popsicle with a little egg bread syrup on top.

Plato de Aser Martín
Aser Martín

“My main motivation in making this dessert was to put the spotlight on the bread made in the bakeries of Gran Canaria”, says Aser Martín, who seeks to give recognition to master bakers who have dedicated their lives to their work. “Thanks to the enormous daily effort of these workers we can enjoy spectacular products, such as aniseed bread, potato bread,cornbread and egg bread. This recipe is a way of showing support for a lifetime's work”, he continues.

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Who is Aser Martín?

Tenerife-born chef Aser Martín declares himself to be self-taught; he explains that he learnt many finer cooking details from books, but above all thanks to incredible colleagues who have guided him on his path through the profession.

Aser studied to become a teacher in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and after finishing his studies he chose to make his home in Gran Canaria, working in the hotel and catering business, which led him to 'El Santo', a restaurant in the historic neighbourhood of Triana. He started out at the bottom there, as a waiter. And it is there where he met Abraham Ortega, the head chef. It was a happy meeting because Abraham transmitted his curiosity and passion for cooking and gave him the opportunity to improve, gradually delegating to Aser the responsibility for the restaurant’s dessert range.

Years later, Aser Martín's blossoming talent turned him into an outstanding pastry chef, the latest being at the new premises of Abraham Ortega, now chef-owner of Tabaiba, a restaurant that defines itself by its 'close contact with the origin of the product', and a good example of a new batch of cooks from the islands that the renowned gastronome José Carlos Capel highlights as being ‘true to their identity ( ) and with commendable enthusiasm, they bring back products and dust off local recipes to put a fresh slant on them with modern criteria ”

Pastry chef Aser Martín is still in charge of the dessert menu at Tabaiba, a place where they mix enthusiasm and innovation in equal parts, opening up new ways of understanding Canarian cuisine, fusing old and new, enhancing the value of zero-kilometre, locally sourced products.

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‘Dish-enhancing’ secret ingredient


Cornbread is not an 'everyday bread', as it cannot be easily found in the usual food outlets. But it can be picked up at the weekend farmers' markets all over Gran Canaria, in stalls where it is sold as rustic bread. It is homemade bread, made with corn flour, which gives it its distinctive yellow colour. Cornbread is a spongy bread with a sweet taste.

It is not the only variety of artisan bread available in Gran Canaria, where thanks to the traditional bakeries you can still find 'pan de puño' or fist bread, aniseed bread, potato bread and wood-fired baked bread.

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