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Getting there

Getting there

To reach Valsequillo, you must drive south along the highway and take the detour in Telde, after which town you must take an inner two-way road to arrive at your final destination (GC-41).

The distance to Valsequillo is 24 km from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 52 km from Maspalomas, and 10 km from Telde. The drive from Telde takes some fifteen minutes, a typical mid-slope rural town scenery opening up as you approach your destination.

Should you wish to take a bus, you must go to the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Tour Bus Station and take tour bus number 12 to Telde, or else tour bus number 90 from the Maspalomas lighthouse to Telde. Once in Telde, you may choose among different tour buses to Valsequillo, namely tour bus number 13 to San Mateo, which runs through Valsequillo, or else tour bus number 43 to Valsequillo. All these tour buses have a wide range of departure times. The town may also be reached from San Mateo driving along road GC-41.

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Strawberries with honey in Valsequillo

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