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El Roque

Outside terraces at a restaurant in El Roque

Leaving the bustle of the city and the hectic roads, and delving deep into the little streets of El Roque, we can just let go and leave the superfluous behind. A short walk around these narrow back streets and we are looking right out to sea.

This is one of those hidden corners of the island where you can really feel the power of the ocean, just by listening in, with no distractions. Words simply cannot describe the sheer beauty of a sunset at El Roque, with the white spray crashing onto the rock and the silent lull of the tide.

El Roque bears witness to a time when every single inch of fertile land was put to use, and where houses were built in all sorts of impossible places, places where even cultivation was impossible. Climbing up its steep slopes today is like jumping back in time, on your favourite adventure, to a place jutting 320 metres out to sea.

Natural pools at El Roque

For the faint hearted, there is no danger, as El Roque does not move away from the basalt headland you are standing on. You simply need to imagine that you are walking along the deck of an old brigantine moored at port. This way, without setting sail, the only thing to frighten you might be the sudden interruption of the restaurant waiter who taps you on the shoulder holding a menu, as you sit contemplating a magical picture from your front row seat.

Time passes, things change, nothing remains forever, the sun comes up and goes down every day. But here at this secluded corner of Gran Canaria there will always be someone who is able to enjoy, almost secretly, the pleasures of a simple life.

How to get there by car

We take the GC-2 motorway from the capital northwards towards Pagador-San Felipe, where we turn off at the GC-207. We come to a roundabout and just before the exit to San Felipe, we come to the turn off to our right, signposted by a dotted line on the road and a dirt track car park. Once you have parked, you can make your way along any of the backstreets down towards the sea.

Places of interest in the municipality and surrounding areas

A journey around Moya should never be over without a visit to the emblematic buildings in the town. These include the Church of Our Lady of La Candelaria and the Tomás Morales House Museum. But that’s just the start…

We also recommend:

- Special Nature Reserve of Los Tilos de Moya
Relict of laurisilva forest which used to cover the whole of the north of Gran Canaria. GC-700 Moya to Sta. Mª de Guía road.

- Caldera de los Pinos
Circular crater belonging to the most recent volcanic activity on the island. GC-70 Fontanales to Artenara road.

- Natural monument of Montañón Negro
A volcano that threw up lava which poured down the hillside and created a channel several metres wide. GC-21 Valleseco to Artenara road.

- Integral Natural Reserve of Barranco Oscuro
A small patch of ancient laurisilva woods which covered the whole of the surrounding hillsides. GC-70 Fontanales to Valleseco road.

- Special Natural Reserve Azuaje
One of only a few ravines in Gran Canaria still with running water. GC-350 Moya to Firgas road.

Buildings of special interest

- Iglesia de Nuestra Sra. de Candelaria
Preserved inside this church are highly valuable historic artistic pieces, some of which have been there for many years, while others have been acquired more recently. Plaza de La Candelaria s/n

- Heredad de Aguas de Moya (Water council building)
A magnificent piece of outstanding beauty. Visitors are not allowed inside. The middle of its front façade feature 6 matching neoclassic columns. c/ León y Castillo, 5

- Casa-Museo Tomás Morales
This museum features a wide range of objects and memorabilia closely linked with the author’s personal legacy. Plaza de Tomás Morales s/n

- Hermitage of San Bartolomé de Fontanales
Inside this hermitage we find the sculpture of San Bartolomé, credited to Guía sculptor Luján Pérez.

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