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Valsequillo de Gran Canaria

Valsequillo de Gran Canaria

The distance from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Valsequillo is 24 kilometres, although only 11 kilometres separate this municipality from Telde. With a surface area of 32.74 square kilometres, Valsequillo is situated at the foothills of the Telde basin. The highest point of Valsequillo is to be found at 1,800 metres above sea level.

View of Valsequillo
Girl walking around an unspoilt natural area

A walk through the municipality of Valsequillo takes us to the Church of San Miguel, constructed between 1903 and 1918 on an old burial site. In this Church one must highlight the Pila, or Christening Stone, made from Sevillian green porcelain with figures of kiln produced sculpted eagles. San Miguel is another work of art of importance in this temple. This sculpture was produced by the Canarian sculptor Luján Pérez and is characterised by being the only angel to have a dog at its feet.

In the Benito Pérez Galdós Municipal Library are to be found five Flemish polychomed wooden sculptures of great value, which represent the images of Santa Clara de Asis, Santa Lucía, Santa Catalina, San Bernardo and Santiago el Mayor. These sculptures came from the Chapel of La Virgen de la Salud, in Era de Mota.

Valsequillo de Gran Canaria also offers its visitors natural landscapes of extraordinary beauty, such as the Rincón de Tenteniguada and the Gully of Los Cernícalos, which spans the Crater of Los Marteles. The real interest of this gully centres on its great ecological and landscape value, since on its mountainside is to be found one of the best wild olive trees on the island and in its  bed, where water runs all year round, an important number of weeping willows. Moreover, the gully is adecuate for the practise of trekking, where one can walk the gully length in its totality through beautiful paths.

Almond trees in bloom in Valsequillo

Another of the outstanding nature attractions is La Caldera de Los Marteles, an oval crater with a diameter of 500 metres, which is 80 metres deep and forms part of the Los Marteles Special Nature Reserve. This crater has been designated a place of geological interest by the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain. The reserve is, by definition, an environmentally sensitive area.

Also, every year Valsequillo hosts the very popular festivity of El Almendro en Flor (The Flowering Almond Tree), which it shares with the municipality of Tejeda, not only for local people but for foreigners which arrive from all parts. 

For greater tourist information on the municipality we recommend you visit the Tourist Office situated in the historic quarter of the village. 

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