Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria
10 Reasons to return to Gran Canaria

A sea trip

Travelling on the blue highway

There aren’t any cabin boys on the ships which leave port in southern Gran Canaria. Only people intent on enjoying themselves on some of the trips which sail up and down close to tourist areas. On any of the boats which leave Puerto Rico, Pasito Blanco, Puerto Mogán, Anfi del Mar or from the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as well.

Should you decide to enrol for setting sail on some of the trips being offered in southern Gran Canaria, then there are numerous options. You can choose to sail on a yachting boat with masts. Or in a catamaran. Or perhaps you’d prefer a mini-cruise around the island. You could also sign up for some of the sea parties put on by several of these leisure boat operators. On the other hand there are those who prefer to go it alone, and thus choose jet skis. And there are those who choose to visit dolphins which only live a few miles out from shore.


Should you decide to set sail, you aren’t going to find Jim Hawkins stowed away in a barrel of apples. If you see any boat hoisting a pirates’ flag, don’t worry, it’s just a tourist gimmick. Certainly there are no pirates wearing eye patches, nor any with parrots on their shoulders, nor any with gunpowder. At least, they are not the usual thing.

The usual thing is to sail about on pleasure boats, with laughs coming from port and starboard sides, and everybody in the shade sunning themselves, all prepared in swimming trunks and bikinis so they can take a mid afternoon dip if necessary. A bathe, and a sea trip, before rounding off the day with a good dinner by the sea.