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Gardens of La Marquesa

Gardens of La Marquesa

A peacock displays its plumage in the Garden of La Marquesa

The sweet scent of jazzmine, a “gift from the Gods”, will lure you in to the Garden of La Marquesa de Arucas, to delve into on your own, among an enormous array of plants. You are not actually on your own, however, as you will be accompanied by a peculiar parade of resident peacocks. These are the real owners, who are there to brighten up the place with a host of courtships, colours and sinuous movements. This is the prelude to an enjoyable walk around an area covered with vegetation from all over the world.

A pond in the Garden of La Marquesa
Views of the Garden of La Marquesa in Arucas

500 plant species from all 5 continents await you as you walk around. Together they make up quite an usual sight, bursting through the waves of banana plantations, typical of the monoculture of the area.

The Garden of La Marquesa is set at the foot of the Montaña de Arucas, and has become a blaze of colour thanks to the sediments that trickle down the hillside with the rain. All plant types bloom and spread here with the minimum fuss. You are sure to come across a beautiful 200 year old Dragon tree that is indigenous to the Canaries, as well as a huge, magnificent Ficus tree.

The neoclassic façade of the building adds a touch of distinction to the area. The gardens began to spring up around 1880 when Don Ramón Madam y Uriondo, the first Marquiss of Arucas, began planting out all around his summer palace.

So here we are two centuries later, at the gate of quite an unusual garden. It is a fine display of natural beauty, one of the many such gardens tucked away all over the island. It is a present, a reminder of earlier times. 

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How to get there by bus from San Telmo Bus Terminus
(Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

Take number 206 (Las Palmas-Bañaderos-Arucas), then get off just one stop before Arucas Bus Terminus, right outside the Gardens on GC 330 main road, at the front entrance to the Palacete del Marquesado.

Another option is number 205 (Las Palmas-Tamaraceite-Arucas) which also takes you to Arucas Bus Terminus. Once in Arucas, from the Terminus itself, hop on number 206 (on its way back to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). Your first stop will drop you off outside the garden, on your way out of Arucas.

Opposite the garden is the GC 330 main road from Arucas to Bañaderos, while nearby there is a bus stop taking you in both directions.

How to get there by taxi or car

From the Arucas Central Bus Station, you can jump into a taxi for a cheap ride, or just walk through the old part of town along the upper water channel and then taking the Old Road (Royal Road) which opens out onto the main entrance to the Garden.

If you are coming up by car from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, just take the main GC-2 North road, then turn off at the GC-20 straight up to Arucas.

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Places of interest in the municipality and surrounding areas

- San Juan Bautista Church
Sculptured entirely out of stone. Known locally as the Cathedral of Arucas, even though it is not really a cathedral, it is a building of outstanding historical relevance. Its original configuration dates from the 17th century, while the present-day church was raised from scratch in a neogothic style at the beginning of the 20th century. This should be an essential stop off on your journey around the north of the island. C/ Párroco Morales, 2

- Arehucas Rum Factory and Museum
The Arehucas Distillery is the largest and oldest factory and rum bodega in Europe. A visit here lasts around 30 minutes and includes a visit to see its casks (over 300 of them, signed by famous writers, painters, singers, film stars and sportsmen and women from around the world…). Visitors can also go to the bottling plant and to the shop for free product tasting and to purchase products. The Rum factory is located on the Arucas to Bañaderos road.

- Arucas Municipal Museum
Considered one of the most emblematic buildings of this northern town.

- Hacienda del Buen Suceso
A beautiful country hotel, surrounded by banana trees where visitors can savour real peace and quiet. It is small and friendly. On the Arucas to Bañaderos road, Km 1

- Open Shopping Centre
The old town centre in Arucas and its market are home to a large number of businesses that sell everything from clothes to plants, from gifts to local food.

- Charco de las Palomas
A Rocky Beach with natural salt water pools.
If you need any help during your visit, do not hesitate to call into the Tourist Information Office, our colleagues are there to give the best advice to all adventurous explorers.