Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

Sieć punktów widokowych

Now you don’t have to go looking for them, we tell you how to get there. We show how to reach the best spots on the island. An itinerary of unique landscapes opens before you like a window with the Gran Canaria Mirador Lookout Network. 

View from the Pozos de La Nieve Viewpoint

The “Mirador” Lookout Points are the ideal way to complete the jigsaw puzzle of our miniature continent. Like an adventure novel or the Jules Verne story, in which a map turned over in sunlight reveals a hidden line to the marked places. An itinerary that visitors to Gran Canaria simply mustn’t miss.

The “Mirador” Lookout Network brings together all of the most spectacular scenic views. A route designed for the curious traveller - for anyone who has what it takes to trek through mountains and follow winding roads that lead to the ever-changing landscapes of Gran Canaria, so that you can see them for yourself. To reach the “Miradores” lookout points and see all of this, simply point your computer northwards and wait for the sun to set (or click here) and prepare without further delay for the first part of your journey... 

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