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How to make Ropa Vieja Goat’s Stew, smoked with Tejeda pine needles, by Borja Marrero

Ingredients for one serving

80 gr goat’s meat
95 gr chickpeas
25 gr onion
20 gr tomato
25 gr carrots
15 gr garlic
One soup spoon of chorizo pepper pulp
One soup spoon of tomato concentrate


Seal the meat for the pot where the cooking juice is to be made.
Once the meat has been sealed, take it out and add the vegetables, onion, tomato, carrots and garlic together with the aromatic herbs, salt and pepper.
Braise the vegetables, add the tomato concentrate, the chorizo pepper sauce and the goat’s meat. Cover with water and cook for 3 hours at a low to medium heat.
At the same time, cook the chickpeas and put to one side.
Finally, debone the cooked meat and mix with the chickpeas, adding the cooking juice and reduce.

Ropa Vieja Goat’s Stew, smoked with Tejeda pine needles

Once the ropa vieja has been served on the plate it is smoked with pine needles in order to impregnate it with aromas that whisk us away to the pine groves in Gran Canaria.

Ropa Vieja Goat’s Stew, smoked with Tejeda pine needles
Borja Marrero

"This dish is inspired by traditional Gran Canaria cuisine, looking to highlight the value of locally sourced products and as a thanks to the work of so many cattle and land farmers on the island" explains chef Borja Marrero. "A product such as the Canary breed of goat’s meat has to be defended and positioned in the market. Smoking this dish with pine needles is inspired by the aromas given off by Canary pine trees"

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Who is Borja Marrero?

Following training at the Escuela de Hostelería Hofman and working in the kitchens of great chefs such as Ferrán Adrià, Juan Mari Arzak and Ramón Freixa, Borja Marrero, from Gran Canaria, decided to embark on a professional adventure in Mexico, creating his own restaurant and fusing Spanish cuisine with Mexican culture.

After several years spent in the Central American country, he returned to his island busting with ideas. During this time, he started projects to provide gastronomic advice to restaurants in the Canary Islands and mainland Spain. And he entered the world of catering with his company Boanva.

After six years dedicated to these projects, Marrero decided that it was time to contribute his know-how and commitment to the land, and began to develop Texeda Family, a restaurant based on zero-kilometre produce, with techniques, production processes and crops of yesteryear, grown on his own farm. "A project designed with the commitment to position locally-sourced Canarian products, seeking to transmit a work philosophy committed to nature to our customers". A project that in a few years is set to become a benchmark in gastronomy oriented towards sustainable production.

In October 2021, Borja left the Texeda restaurant project to undertake a new project in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the district of Triana, called the 5 Chefs Restaurant, together with several of the best chefs in the Canary Islands. It is a project that mixes gastronomy from all over the world, without forgetting its origins and local produce.

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Goat’s meat

29º 'Dish-enhancing' secret ingredient

Goat’s meat

One of the great flavours of the archipelago’s gastronomy, and at the same time one of the oldest products in the history of the islands, Canary Island goat’s meat is acclaimed for its strong and distinctive flavour, its low fat content and its high protein value.

Although the consumption of goat’s meat is not common in other regions of Spain, it is popular in the Canary Islands, where it features in a large number of recipes, with endless variations that change by island and even by region, and is one of the ever-present products at restaurants serving traditional cuisine.