Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

Adults flying kites?

The sea as a giant trampoline

I would have never believed it! 

Had they told me when I was a child that I would be flying over the water at full speed tied to a kite, I would have never believed it! Had they sworn to me that I would be able to tumble over the sea as if on a trampoline, reaching so high I could almost touch the bottom of small airplanes, I would have never bought into that.

A kitesurfer flying through the air on his board
A view over the Atlantic Ocean

But life is a big surprise. Now that I have grown older I spend hours on end tied to a kite. Enjoying kite surfing, the best sports ever invented for adrenaline junkies such as myself.

A sport tailored to the island of Gran Canaria. You only need wind areas, fine weather, and the blue sea reaching a coastline filled with beaches. All found on this island with a long surfing and windsurfing tradition. Plenty spots where to test your skills, and a growing number of schools where to take your first steps.

Two kids doing kitesurfing on the blue sea
Girl doing kitesurfing

This explains the many kites flying on the skies of Gran Canaria, driving not only tourists but also locals, who all of a sudden leave their offices and close their shops. For there are many who rush to the sea with their kite-surfing gear in their trunks the minute they have the chance to sail the sea under the sun.

It is somehow hard to explain the reasons for this peculiar fever, this sea sport addiction. So hard I will leave you here and head to the beach. I feel like tumbling on a kite-surfing board for a thousand times. Come and try it if you like!