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From Artenara we continue our route through the interior of the island, in the direction of the municipal town of Valleseco, situated 28 kilometres from the capital at a height of 1,000 metres above sea-level.

In spite of its name, Valleseco means “dry valley”, it is a humid  municipal town that formed part of a large laurisilva forest. In fact,  Valleseco is characterised by its prolific vegetation and 80% of its  territory is considered a Natural Protected Place. 

It is a municipality that is eminently agricultural with flourishing  vegetation. These two circumstances allow the visitor to follow a great  number of paths and mission trials, such as the Gully of La Virgen,  within the Doramas Rural Park, and in so doing, enjoy an interesting  walk through the woods of laurisilva (of great botanical value).

The water network that extends through the municipality from end to end is also considered of great ethnographic value. Fountains, troughs, canals, mills or washing places constructed at the beginnings of the XIX century are part of the ethnographic heritage of Valleseco. This is the so called Ruta del Agua (Water Route), which can be appreciated along the paths and tracks of Valleseco.

The most notable building in the village is the Church of San Vicente Ferrer, constructed in a simple but outstanding style. In its interior we find a gem of the XVIII century, a German organ of great historical value.

For greater tourist information on Valleseco, a visit to the Tourist Information Office located in the village is recommended. 

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