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Firgas is situated 25 kilometres from the capital of the island and lies at an altitude of 465 metres above sea-level. It is characterised by having both long and narrow hills which in turn are divided by a dense and complex network of gullies.

The town centre of Firgas offers numerous cultural and religious places. Therefore, It is recommended that you visit the Parish Church of San Roque, constructed over the ruins of what was the first Hermitage of San Juan Ortega, built in 1502. Of this building at present only the main entrance and the coffered ceiling of the central nave exist, as well as an important work of religious art.

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In the Plaza de San Roque, where we find the church, we also find the monument to San Juan de Ortega, first patron saint of the municipal town. The building of the House of Culture is probably the most emblematic in the municipality. In the past it was a hotel and inn and at present within its walls we find the Public Library, an Exhibition Hall and an Events Room. 

The building of the Firgas Town Hall is a large neo-Canarian style house constructed in the 1940´s. Also, close to the Square of San Roque, is situated the Commemorative Fountain, built of quarry stone to celebrate the 500 years of the Foundation of Firgas. The fountain has various light and water combinations as well as piped music.

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The Gran Canaria Walkway and the Canarias Walkway, in the town centre, previously formed the Central High Street (Calle Real del Centro). These pedestrian walkways have a natural incline which has served to construct a beautiful 30 metre long quarry stone cascade terminating in a beautiful monument. To one side of the walkway 22 coats of arms, which represent all the municipalities of Gran Canaria, as well as the coat of arms of the island, have been placed.

The “gofio” (powdered corn) mill of Firgas, also known as the Molino del Conde (the Count’s Mill), dates from the XVI century. It is situated over the waterway of the Arucas and Firgas Water- board, together with the old grain warehouse and toaster and the miller’s house. Public opening hours: Winter, Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 to 15:00 hours; Summer, Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 to 14:00 hours.

For more tourist information on the municipality, Firgas has a Tourist Information Office in the town centre.

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