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Arucas is situated 12 kilometres from the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and extends  from the coast to the Medianias (the middle of the island), 600 metres above sea-level.

The town centre of Arucas has been declared of historical-artistic interest. Its main architectural piece is the Parish Church of San Juan Bautista, completely sculptured in stone from Arucas by the master stonemasons of the area. The church dates from the year 1909 and it possesses beautiful glasswork by the French firm Maumejean et Frères, as well as works of art by the Canarian painter Cristóbal Hernández de Quintana and an extraordinary wooden sculpture of the Resting Christ by the sculptor from Arucas, Manuel Ramos.

Arucas church
Historic old town of Arucas

The façade of the church opens to the Plaza de San Juan and closeby is the unfinished construction of the New Theatre (1906), of neo-classical style. In Constitution Square (Plaza de la Constitución) we find the Town Hall (Casas Consistoriales) and the Old Municipal Market. The House of Culture (Casa de la Cultura), a traditional Canarian house from the XVII century possesses a balconied interior patio with  and a magnificent example of a Drago tree.

The Ron de Arehucas Rum Factory and Museum (public opening times Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 to 14:00 hours) is considered one of the emblematic buildings of the municipality, due to the tradition of distilling in the locality. The House and Gardens of the Marchioness (la Casa y Jardín de la Marquesa) also form an interesting architectural and natural space belonging to the Marchioness of Arucas. The building of the Marchioness was constructed in 1880 and is surrounded by spacious romantic style gardens. Public opening times Mondays to Saturdays from 09:00 to 18:00 hours.

Situated very close to the historic quarter is Piedras la Cantera, one of the historic quarries of the municipality. Open for public visiting. 

Father and son playing hide and seek among the banana trees
A boy hides in amongst the banana trees

If you prefer walking in the natural surroundings of the locality, the visitor has the option of going up the Mountain of Arucas, an excellent viewing area where it is possible to contemplate some of the most beautiful landscapes of the north of the island.

Arucas also has pebbles and sand beaches, such as the Bañaderos-El Puertillo Beach and San Andrés Beach. Moreover, if you want to taste fresh fish and savour the gastronomy of the municipality, the coast of Arucas offers a wide variety of bars and restaurants where to make a stop.

In the historic centre of Arucas the Tourist Information Office whose visit is a must if you wish to obtain ample tourist information on the municipality, is to be found.

Practical Information about the Northern Route

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