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Santa María de Guía

Santa María de Guía

Santa María de Guía is situated 25 kilometres from the capital of the island and is to be found at an altitude of 180 metres above sea-level. It is a municipality bordered by a rocky coast, where the erosion is the principal characteristic of its cliffs. 

The natural surroundings of Santa Maria de Guía are characterised by a great variety of ecosystems, atmospheres and landscapes. This diversity has allowed a great many of its natural spaces to be catalogued within the Canarian Law for the Protection of Natural Spaces. Here we can find the the Brezal Special Natural Reserve, the Doramas Rural Park, the Montañón Negro Natural Monument and the Protected Landscape of Las Cumbres, all of which are shared with the neighbouring municipalities.

Montañón Negro
Street in the old part of town of Santa María de Guía

The old quarter of this locality was declared National Historic Monument is 1982. Among its constructions we can highlight the Parish Church, with its neo-classical style façade. Inside, works of art of great importance, such as altarpieces and images by the religious sculptor from this particular locality, José Luján Pérez, are kept. 

The House of the Quintana Family is another example of the architecture of the municipality. This building is situated in the Main Square of Santa Maria de Guía and dates back to the XVII century. Here we can highlight the Canarian-mudéjar wooden balcony and the family coat of arms.

An interesting stopping place is the Néstor Álamo Museum. Néstor Álamo was a versatile Canarian artist who stood out in various branches of music, archival science, architectural restoration and the investigation of the history, culture and customs of the Canarry Islands. Public opening times: Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10:00 to 20:00 hours; Sundays and bank holidays from 10:30 to 14:30 hours.

Couple holding hands in the Cenobio de Valerón

The Hermitage of San Roque also forms part of the Historical Patronage of the island. It is situated in the Plaza de San Roque, at the top end of the town. It is a relatively modern building of neo-classical style, constructed with national lime and quarry stones.

In Montaña Alta, 14 kilometres from the town centre of Santa María de Guía, the annually awaited and popular “Fiesta del Queso” (Cheese Festivity) is celebrated.

Another characteristic place of this municipality, due to its specularity, is the Cenobio de Valerón, an archaeological complex declared Property of Cultural Interest in 1978. The “Cenobio”, situated 6 kilometres from the centre of Santa María de Guía, used to be a grain warehouse and fortress, where the ancient Canarians stored their food supplies thanks to the numerous rock cavities of this archeological placement. Public opening times: Wednesdays to Sundays from 10:00 to 17:00 hours.

For more tourist information on the municipality, Santa María de Guía has a Tourist Information Office in the town centre.

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