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Santa Lucía

Santa Lucía

The Municipal Town of Santa Lucía is situated 51 kilometres from the capital of the island and lies at an altitude of 680 metres above sea level.

The Church of Santa Lucía is a historic-artistic building situated in the top end of the municipality. Here one must highlight the fasçade of the building, with its beautiful stonework of cut edges, which together with the whiteness and the morphology of its dome make it unique. Within the church a 50 centimetre crucifix made totally of wood by the Gran Canarian religious artist Luján Pérez, stands out. Close by is located the Fortaleza El Hao Museum, of great archaeological interest, where the remains discovered in the archaeological sites of the area are exhibited. In the vicinity of the museum there is a garden where endemic flora and fruit trees from around the world can be seen.

Windsurfing at Pozo Izquierdo

The municipality of Santa Lucía enjoys thriving commercial activity favoured by the growth in its population. As a result, the area of Vecindario is one of the most important commercial references on the island.

A large part of the municipality is close to the sea. However, along the whole coast , it has one beach which is considered unbeatable in the practise of windsurfing: Pozo Izquierdo. This beach has been chosen as one of the principal places for holding the World Windsurfing Championships, which take place annually, an where the International Windsurfing Centre is also situated. The International Windsurfing Centre is located 17.1 kms from the Airport of Gran Canaria, 4.3 kms from Vecindario and 23.10 kms from the municipal town of Santa Lucía. 

On the south-eastern coast lie the three most important urban centres of the municipality of Santa Lucía, due to their great commercial and industrial development: Vecindario (where every Wednesday the popular street market takes place), Sardina del Sur and El Doctoral.

Reflection of palm trees in the Presa de La Sorrueda reservoir
Young people looking out over the Presa de la Sorrueda reservoir

Towards the interior the prevalent agricultural surroundings form part of a large oasis at the centre of the craggy slopes of Las Tirajanas Crater; formed by the rural enclaves of El Ingenio de Santa Lucía and La Sorrueda, with beautiful areas of palm trees, an enourmous water dam,   cultivated land areas and magnificent miradors, such as El Guriete, El Ingenio and La Sorrueda.

If you opt for a visit to the interior of the municipality of Santa Lucía, it is recommended you make a stop at the Fortaleza de Ansite; a large natural volcanic fortification with numerous dwelling and burrial caves, where a large amount of archaeological material  from pre-hispanic times in Gran Canaria has been found. Legend has it that this was one of the last pre-hispanic settlement bastions of the Canarios. On the 29th April 1485 the conquest of Ansite took place.  

For greater tourist information on the municipality we recommend you visit the Tourist Office of Santa Lucía, situated in Vecindario.

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