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Inagua (Cruz de San Antonio) Viewpoint

Inagua (Cruz de San Antonio) Viewpoint

Reserva Natural de Inagua

This natural area features a mountain range spreading from east to west, creating a dividing line for the water beds between the Tejeda-La Aldea basin to the north and the Arguineguín, Mogán and Veneguera basins to the south. The range is made up of a series of mountains and hillocks, a highlight of which are the Pajonales, Negra and Peladero hillocks, and the mountains of Solapos de la Carnicería, La Alsándara (the highest peak standing at 1,570 m.), Las Yescas, Las Monjas, Ojeda and Inagua, also known as Montaña de Los Hornos and La Escalera.

Reserva Natural Integral de Inagua (Integral Natural Reserve)

Vegetation here is mainly open Canary pine forest together with varieties of dry plants. The undergrowth varies according to the prevailing relative humidity, and features certain species including the tabaiba amarga, the tajinaste plant, craggy grasses or lavender, jara and jarón rockrose, thyme and tree lucerne. Its escarpments and steep walls are home to a rich variety of biodiversity containing endemic species of great scientific value, such as the jarilla de Inagua and the tumero peludo, species only to be found in this Integral Nature Reserve.

Reserva Natural Integral de Inagua  (Integral Natural Reserve)
Reserva Natural Integral de Inagua  (Integral Natural Reserve)

An interesting range of invertibrate and vertibrate fauna also inhabit this pine forest, with fine examples of birds, including the blue chaffinch and great spotted woodpecker, also to be found on the island.

This area is also home to interesting pine forest socio-economic remains, such as the tar furnaces, coal yards and pine cone driers.

As this is an Integral Nature Reserve, the corresponding authorization has to be obtained in order to visit here, (Information available on 928 219 229).

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