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Presa de Los Hornos Viewpoint

Presa de Los Hornos Viewpoint

Los Hornos Reservoir, or the Summit Reservoir, stands some 1,565 metres above sea level. It dates from 1933, although it was later extended. It was made out of ordinary stone masonry reaching 27 metres in height, and has a capacity for 697,000 m3 of water, which runs along channels and tunnels to the municipalities of Arucas  y San Mateo.



Presa de Los Hornos Viewpoint

It lies over a special type of volcanic rock, known as ‘brecha Roque Nublo’. The surrounding vegetation is young replanted Canary pine forest, which sprouts alongside the undergrowth of broom, laburnum and sage, which grow naturally in the Gran Canaria peaks.

Just a few metres away, on roads or along the signposted footpaths, we come to the geographical landmark with the highest symbolic value on these lands: the Roque Nublo. This is a tall standing relic from a bygone age which has inspired many an artist. Its presence is constant, and is the subject in many references by the great exponent of music and popular culture, Néstor Álamo, with his “Lyrical lunar stone” and “Altar of my magical land.”

Views from the "Mirador Presa de Los Hornos" viewpoint

The Roque Nublo, as well as being a pilgrimage site for Canarians, has represented the climbing goal for many mountaineers, going back to 1932 when a German climbing team crowned the summit for the first time. It has the distinction of being a Natural Monument, and is surrounded by the Nublo Rural Park, therefore enjoying special protection. 

This whole area forms part of the World Biosphere Reserve of Gran Canaria, so declared by UNESCO on 29th June 2005.

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