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Plaza de San Roque Viewpoint

Plaza de San Roque Viewpoint

From our position here at the Plaza de San Roque Viewpoint, we are treated to stunning views over La Isleta, the Bay of Las Palmas de GC, Mountain of Arucas, part of the northern strip of coastline known as the Costa Lairaga, (at Bañaderos and San Andrés), Villa de Moya, the whole of the lower part of Villa de Firgas, and on clear days, Tenerife and Fuerteventura.

The privileged position of this viewpoint, which is right in the heart of town and surrounded by important historical, religious and cultural sites, means we can stay within the confines of the square to visit the Town Hall, the church of San Roque, the cultural centre, the Royal water channel, or simply put our feet up and enjoy the surroundings, with trees and plants, the chirping of the birds and the steady trickle of bubbling water nearby. 

"Plaza de San Roque" Viewpoint
Views from the "Plaza de San Roque" Viewpoint

This square is also the “Km 0”, or starting point for the network of footpaths and trails that form part of our history, where our ancestors walked or lived, and along which we can learn about the privileged natural surroundings on which the town of Firgas proudly stands. Here we can see part of our heritage, traditional ethnographical and cultural elements spread all around the municipality’s terrain, plus its flora and fauna. These walks can be done in circular routes designed to encourage hiking in the area, with both the start and finishing point here at the Plaza de San Roque in Firgas.

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