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Las Pellas Viewpoint

Las Pellas Viewpoint

Las Pellas viewpoint is located on the site of the same name, and is set in was used to be the Doramas Jungle. The ancient jungle is represented by the five perforated stainless steel tubes which are a reminder of the splendid trees that once grew here. The dark red colour that forms a circle around the tube, represents the shadow from the trees, while the perforations in the tubes, which have an internal light shining through them, attempt to depict the light of life that a tree itself represents.

"Las Pellas" Viewpoint

The Doramas Jungle is an ancient subtropical forest that covered the north of the island of Gran Canaria. It was well known for its lush vegetation and as a dwelling place for one of the most important aboriginal figures in the history of the Canary Islands, Doramas.

From a natural point of view, this woody area was made up mainly of what is known as laurisilva, a combination of plant species that gets its name from one of its main components, the laurel, or laurel tree, together with other sturdy leafy plants such as el barbusano, el palo blanco, el til, el marmolán, la faya, el viñátigo and many others.

Views from the "Las Pellas" Viewpoint

From any location in the Villa de Firgas region, visitors can make out the sea, and also admire the outstanding green landscapes that rise up over the ocean. An example of this is our viewpoint here at Las Pellas, with its views over the island’s capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the bay of La Isleta, the mountain of Arucas, and behind us, the Pico del Rayo (Pico Osorio), the highest peak in the municipality with an altitude of some 968 mts.

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