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This is how Red Vieja Fish Ceviche, by chef Fabio Santana, is made

For 4 people

4 red vieja fish, each weighing 400g 
6 limes 
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 leafy coriander twig
1 red onion
salt and pepper
5g soya lecithin
100ml maracuyá purée
50g white sugar
10ml water 
1 fresh chilli pepper 
Decorative edible flowers

Red Vieja Fish Ceviche


Clean the vieja fish without taking the scales off, take out the two loins and put the skin aside for the final decoration.

With the water and the juice from the two limes add the soya lecithin and blend well. Store.

Dice up Brunoise style the red pepper and green pepper, coriander and chilli pepper without the pips in. Mix all the ingredients in and put aside.

Make a juice out of the remaining 4 limes. 

In a warm pan reduce the maracuyá puré with the sugar to half its volumen until it reaches a treacle-like consistency. Store.

Cut up the vieja fish loins in even pieces in a mirepoix mix, pour the lime juice over them, add salt and pepper, and after two more minutes, add the pepper mix.

Cut up the onion into fine slices. Store.

Blend the mix of lime, water and soya lecithin into a consistent mash.


Form a ring with the fish skin, fill the skin with the fish mix, and place the onion rings on top.

Add the finishing touches with lime and some edible flowers.

Paint the dish surface with the maracuyá treacle.

Download recipe [PDF - 345 KB]

Red Vieja Fish Ceviche
Chef Fabio Santana


Fabio Santana tells us how this dish came about:

"To make this recipe I wanted to add our very own vieja fish to an international dish, maintain the unmistakable colour of its skin along with its meaty flavour, in the most subtle manner possible.

It is a simple and fresh dish. Although it is certainly a recipe with some fine subtle flavours, which if not combined perfectly, are quite hard to achieve."

Who is Fabio Santana?

Fabio Santana is a cook who was born and bred in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

He started his professional career by studying catering at the Arinaga Training Centre, on his home island of Gran Canaria. He later complimented studies at the Hoffman School in Barcelona. Since then he has continued to train and develop within the sector, to become the popular he is today.

At just 21 years of age Fabio opened the restaurant “La Butaca”(2004), where he showcased his creative capacity and his culinary skills. During this time he collaborated with several TV shows, plus articles and gastronomic publications, both locally and nationally. He also participated in many showcookings. He then went on to manage a range of establishments on the island. He ran the 'Patio del Cuyás' restaurant, in the neighbourhood of Triana, Terraza Oclock, and the Cookery Workshop at La Macarena, as well as other businesses.

In 2013 he collaborated with Vorwerk España in their book “Gourmet 30 Chefs with Thermomix”. In this publication Fabio represents Canary cuisine, co-participating with fellow chefs from different regions in Spain in a handbook for users of Thermomix.

The chef is currently fully involved with his catering service and restaurant “La Terraza del Gabinete”, located within the emblematic Gabinete Literario building, at the historical heart of Triana, next to the Plazoleta de Cairasco. He is taking on new projects to show off his considerable skills, where the quality of his recipes and use of fine local produce become clearly apparent in every dish he prepares. In 2018 Fabio took over responsibility of La Terraza del Gabinete in the position of executive chef at Casa Montesdeoca, in the historical district of Vegueta, also in the capital city.

Our 17th ‘dish-enhancing' secret ingredient

Vieja fish is not a unique species to the seas around the Canaries, yet it has been a traditional favourite for the islanders and is an essential part of restaurant menus along the coastlines. The fish measures between 30 and 60 cm., has bright colouring, has a chunky and tasty white texture, and is presented in an endless array of formats: oven-baked, salted, fried, or open-grilled.

It is an absolute essential for lovers of fine fish coming to the island.

Learn more here about artisan fishing in Gran Canaria.

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